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Steve, dont eat that! (not for the queasy stomached)


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HA! Steve, 'The Iron-Stomached Chef!' I can't believe the Urkel-O's cereal was still good. He should have tried the Urkel-O's with the breast milk.

And yes, the ... whatever it's called, looks very gross indeed! I've worked in the corn field and would never dream of eating that sick shit we saw growing on the odd corn cob.


It's too bad the Beggin' Strips tasted so bad 'cause I've been wanting to try those..

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A friend of mine brought back Potted Meat Food Product from Hawaii. Apparently it's comfort food in the south pacific islands that were weaned on spam, kam, vienna sausages and other choice cuts packed in water.

The potted meat is quite terrible...the texture is like pate but the flavour is..indescribable really. I love the "partially defatted pork fatty tissue" ingredient mostly because I can't figure out what that means.

I'm game for eating wierd things at any time. Send me your cat food, your dog food, your fish food..

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