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In case you were wondering....


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...why this flurry of posting came out of me(I must have a half dozen or so posts in the last week- oooh), I now have hi-speed internet at work! I'm one of you procrastinating bee-atches! Not that I wasn't procrastinating before, it was just too goddamn slow to do it on the internet! Welcome out of the prehistoric era, North Rustico, PEI!!

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Yah, first they built a bridge connecting the island to the mainland and now they've given you modern technology.

Damn, thought there was a way to keep you islanders outta the way and contained on that red mound of dirt.

Hey Chris, Laura Pottie is also on the island at the moment but I think she's heading back to T-Dot tomorrow (Wednesday). She took me to my first Jays game and first visit to Skydome, oops, make that Rogers Centre and we sat in the first row section right at home plate scarfing down dogs, beer, peanuts & popcorn...and the Jays won! I've gotta get my pictures developed and post a couple in the new sports forum..

Anyway, nice to see you back on the board.

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