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Nathan Moore


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yeah... arrested for something like .8 of a gram of mushrooms, found in a small duffel bag after like 2 hours of searching, on the way into high sierra.. sounds like they really had to look to find it... anyways, i think he has a courtdate, or trial coming up... from reading the thought swap parlour on frogvilleplanet records, it sounds like their could be jailtime involved... hopefully not, but who knows..

oh, and...

i am...with you!

awww, so sweet... i am with you, too, punky... forever and always. :blush:

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nah.. it was on the highway, heading to high sierra.. i shoulda clarified.. something to do with a passing lane, cop stopped the bus, said he smelled pot on 2 people, yadda yadda yadda, 2 hours later nathan's arrested for possession of mushrooms. he tells the story throughout this show ... you should check it out! ;)

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