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Les Claypool's fake Jamband


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Name: Steven Allan Gordon aka-Gordo

Instrument: Lead guitar/lead vocal

Hobbies: Hydroponic farming, nudism, divination

Turn ON's: The sound of Jerry's guitar (especially pre 1975), honey glazed ham

Turn off's: Yellow vegetables, wheat grass, rap music

Goal in Life: To play Red Rocks Amphitheater while nude, with Phil Lesh

Influences: THC, LSD, DMT, JGB

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That's an hilarious idea, and I'd love to check these guys out, but I notice the website hasn't been updated in like a year. Do you know that this thing is still an ongoing project?

dont know.. but i get the Les Claypool email and he's been playing with a lot of little projects. i cant remember if this was one.

it's more of a jamband parody than a fake jamband, I suppose.

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Founded in 1998, the band was originally titled Electric Knectarine. "knectarine" being a play on the work nectarine, homage to the "ph" in "Phish", was later changed do to the multitude of of people thinking it to be "connectorine". The goal of Electric Apricot is simple: "Enlighten  the world through music." The band continues enchanting and enthralling customers of bar rooms Moose lodges up and down the Barbary Coast.

Here's a review of their High Sierra performance:

"Electric Apricot was one of the funniest and most impressive shows that I saw all weekend. What makes this even harder to believe is that this was only their 4th official show together. The four-piece Electric Apricot had a workshop in the quaint Tulsa E. Scott building. For all intents and purposes Electric Apricot is really is a faux jamband, founded by Les Claypool. All four members have pseudonyms in which they have created to back their cliché hippie personas. Even Les donned a wig; a Rolling Stones shirt, and sat gleefully behind a tie-died drum kit. The lyrics were hysterical with overly hippyfied songs, and so were the visual accessories on the stage (burning incense and sage, sandals, apricots of course, and tie-dye galore…etc) that together all added to enhance this elaborate spoof. From the opening song of "Burning Man" I couldn’t keep myself from laughing out loud. It was not only the hilarious lyrics, or the over the top stage antics (imagine Les bouncing around the front of the stage with a huge grin on his face playing mini-bongos) that really impressed me, it was the expert musicianship and absolutely fired up jamming that left me wanting more. The lead guitarist, Brian Kehoe, must have had some of the fastest fingers I’ve ever seen. Watching his flying fingers soaring up and down the fret board really blew me away."

Band info taken from the High Sierra festival program guide:

"Garcia-esc" guitarist/singer/songwriter- Steve "Gordo" Gordon

The deep thinking, sometimes brooding bassist/singer/songwriter- Steve Hampton Trouzdale, aka Aiwas

Spiritual, ethnic-conscious keyboardist/multiinstrumentalist/singer/songwriter- Herschal Tambor Brillstien

Happy-go-lucky, technical marvel drummer/percussionist/singer/songwriter- Lapland "Lapdog" Miclovik

Pics of Electric Apricot at High Sierra

Link to a torrent of EA's first show

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The goal of ELECTRIC APRICOT is simple, "Enlighten the world through music". With lyrical phrases like "C'mon down with me to Burnin' Man, I've got a recipe for cosmic flan" and "If you ever feel alone, go play Frisbee with your clone. The future will blow your mind", ELECTRIC APRICOT continues enchanting and enthralling customers of bar rooms and Moose lodges up and down the Barbary Coast.

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