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Happy Birthday Bouche!


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I wish you happiness on this day, and all others, bouche. I said elsewhere that this community has let me grow and become more than I ever thought I could, and you're the main reason this community exists at all.

You also gave me a ride to my first festival (CTMF, Labour Day, 2001), are a madass guitar player, are a bigger computer geek than I am (no mean feat, that), and you keep Ms. Huxtable happy. If you can fit anything else into such a full life, I hope (and will do what I can to make sure) you get it.

Happy Day!



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Happy birthday little brother. Its amazing you and I have remained such good friends over the years, considering we are both (as Barrett calls us) "Stubborn like a Bouchard"

He's also right when he says you are beautiful (well, in high school you were):


I wanted to find pics of stuff you loved when you were younger, but I couldnt find any of Cheryl Mitchell. Ah, I am sure you loved this more (geek):



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I hope you have the happiest birthday ever! I wish so much that I could celebrate it with you and your wonderful lady tonight. Alas, Deb & I will just have to partake in some cocktails in the "Big Smoke" in your honour.

Thank you so much for all of the time, effort and support you put into and provide this community. I know a lot of us don't tell you enough, but we are all so thankful every day that you still put up with the headaches, bills and research necessary to keep this place rolling. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Okay, that's enough sap for one post. I hope you are celebrating your fine day already with a Bouchard breakfast drink (ahhh, squished clams & vodka). Cheers to your health, happiness and sweet, glorious music. I hope to see you and Sharon very soon. Damn, I sure do miss you guys.

:cool: [color:brown]H[color:orange]A[color:brown]P[color:orange]P[color:brown]Y [color:orange]B[color:brown]I[color:orange]R[color:brown]T[color:orange]H[color:brown]D[color:orange]A[color:brown]Y [color:orange]B[color:brown]O[color:orange]U[color:brown]C[color:orange]H[color:brown]E[color:orange]![color:brown]![color:orange]! :cool:

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Willy!?!?! 5:13am????? I thought I'd get up here early in the day and get to make the first post!

Happy birthday Bouche!

You make my world a better place in every way. Thanks for spending your days and nights with me, for sharing a home with me, for spoiling me with any thing our hearts desire, for feeding me like royalty, for making me laugh, for treating me to music and for letting me get a puppy dog!

I love you more than anyone or anything and hope you have a wonderful day.


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thanks for blowing my cover \/\/illy ;)

Ollie must have been reading before he came to work and without any discretion he said "happy birthday mike" which was overheard by too many people already. You don't know what happens in this place when 'they' find out there's a birthday.


Thanks for the warm birthday wishes. I can tell that Dave-O is rubbing in this stupid Thursday thing though.

Shammy, you make me blush.

Andre, for some reason I had the big red theme in my head this morning. I handed it off to Sharon and she finished it off.

So kiss a little longer, hold hands a little longer, hold tight a little longer. Longer with Big Red.

That Big Red freshness lasts right through it. Your fresh breath goes on and on while you chew it. Say goodbye a little longer; make it last a little longer. Give your breath long lasting freshness with Big Red.

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