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vorcza evolve


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Thanks again for the compliments.

Dave-o which poster were you looking for? I did the alice in wonderland, space scene and wizard of Oz. I'm printing some posters up this week and I'll print up a extra for you.

I read on bootyjuice's website that bootyjuice and vorcza are playing together in halifax at the attic on the 16th. So I think they'll be coming up for evolve than returning 2 weeks later. should be a fun september.

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Dawizard of oz poster- March 16th 2005

alice in wonderland- sept 16th 2005

The upcoming dates I heard so far are:

sept 10th- the cellar, fredericton

sept 13th - studio 112, saint john

sept 16th- the attic with bootyjuice in halifax.

I'm hoping vorcza plays moncton on the 11th.

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Howler, I just burn the file on disk and drop it off at the printers. 10000 colors will be the same price as if you printed 3. it's usually about 5 times the printing cost of a black and white picture. In moncton the best place to get things printed is "Bob's copy centre" I'm sure you can find a good spot in any town if you call around asking about price and quality. (The paper you choose makes a big difference, I use the glossy, extra heavy card stock.)

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