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Im going home Donny

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I have to respectfully disagree with you.

I love Beck's discs, but he is the only musician I can think of that I've seen live 4 times, and been disappointed every time. The sound has always been bad or terrible, and he's never done justice to any of his songs.

TimmyB and I discussed this on this board once before. Tim has seen Beck, too, and has always enjoyed himself; and as Tim knows his stuff, I'm sure those were good shows. That said, given that I've been disappointed every time, I would say that it truly is "a risk" to put your money on Beck live.

(... and I think most people here know that I love my live music, and almost always return from shows with glowing reviews; just not for Beck, and I doubt I'll ever see him live again.)

My two cents; as they say.

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i dunno, i only saw the toronto gig at the ACC for the Midnite Vultures tour, and despite the bullshit crowd, i thought Beck and his band were unbelievable. it was super funkalicious, with as much energy as i've ever seen, and even included a couple solo acoustic Beck numbers after he addressed the crowd, by himself, basically for being so lame, asking what they (him and the band) were doing wrong... answer: nothing, you were playing in toronto, thats what you get.

StoneMtn - it's unfortunate that you've seen 4 sub-par beck shows... i probably wouldnt go back either... curious if you caught the tour i mentioned, though? seems like you have the same thing with beck, that i do with cuff the duke... i always catch shitty shows, while everyone raves about them live... weird, eh? i love how so many people can hear the same thing so differently.. awesome.

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guigsy, I did see Midnite Vultures and GM, I also saw the Flaming Lips show.

The Midnite Vultures show had the most distorted sound I've heard since seeing punk bands at Ildiko's in Toronto in the 1980s. The other show has made me biased against the Flaming Lips ever since.

(Geez, now I really do sound like Del... ;) )

Well ... here's one positive: Timouse I dug the Futurama episode, including Beck's part in it.

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Man oh man! :) I am quilkly growing ever Beck obsessed! (too bad about the Appliantology...why?Why?why?!)...oh well not like I'm gonna marry the guy. ;)

Just went for the first time!...jebus if I didn't walk my dog past 'Turning point(?)(Bank and mabey Cooper) every day for years!...well scetchy place to tie a dog up in my defense...

Just bought 3 Beck cds in awesome condition for $30 doolars...not bad at all.

THANKYOU for the Odelay recs you reckards. Awesome loving it!

My friend just played me some Stereopathic Soulmanure...fantastic!

The rest of my evening consists of Mellow Gold and Mutations.....

Can't say anything about living live but I can say I am FREAKING OUT over this artist! :):):):) (I miss the old smilies-hehe not complaining though).

Beck is blowing my mind-love it! :)

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