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Michael Troester: Anyone heard of him?


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Yesterday I was asking you guys about Paul Brodie, as I'm thinking of hiring him to play a party, and I got some good responses.

Apparently, a guitarist he plays with is named "Michael Troester" and is apparently really renowned.

Any comments? Boochawan, you gonna come through for me again, Bro?

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Hey Thanks Brad (as always). I'll check out the site at lunch, today.

This is the comment I received from my Mom (not much of a music aficionado) about a show she saw last night with Paul Brodie and Michael Troester:

The fellow that Paul played with last night is called Michael Troester supposedly one of the best if not the best guitarist in the world. Apparently the guitar and sax do not go together but they have just invented an amplifier that makes it possible.

... no clue what that comment about the amp means, but that's what she said ...

EDIT: Actually, I just thought of something! I think this guy plays with Don Ross (at the same gigs, not together) and I think I may have even seen him at some point. Does that jog anyone's memory?

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Revelation re potential Don Ross connection...
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For sure, man. I think guitar and sax have had at least a few moments of blissful musical unity in the past. (You probably wouldn't even have to pull out a heavy hitter like Coltrane to prove that!)

I suspect my mother was misquoting something someone else said, who probably meant something entirely different.

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