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Wakefest - September 10 2005 - Wakefield QC


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Friends and party fiends,

Preparations for Wakefest 2005 are coming along really well! Tickets are going to the printers today or tomorrow and should be ready for sale by the weekend.

Sorry for the LONG message, but there’s a lot of details to be shared and questions that have been asked.


Cost: $45/person

Where: 35 Wakefield Heights Rd, Wakefield QC

When: 2pm on - Saturday September 10, 2005

Who: 200 of our closest friends


- Bus charter from Ottawa and return

- Roast pig and roast lamb

- Super yummy vegetarian options

- Heritage Premium Lager and Traditional Dark Ale

- MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

--- The Riddum Riders (funk / Raggae from Hamilton)

--- Corduroy Road (Bluegrass from the Valley)

--- What the Thunder Said (funk from Guelph)

--- Andrew Vincent and the Pirates (indie-rock from Ottawa)

--- Inglewood Jack (funky-house / rock from Ottawa)

--- Entry into the Black Sheep Inn for the Riddum Riders show and possibly Jesse Zubot

I have a pdf poster to pass around that highlights some of the features of the party. When I get this figured out, I'll attach it to this thread. Please feel free to distribute this message or poster to your friends. Of course, the one rule applies – Don’t be an ass, don’t bring an ass. I love that phrase ;-)


Kayte and I will start selling tickets as of August 19 (this Friday). If you’d like to buy a ticket, please call us or email to arrange a time when we can meet and sell you tickets. Tickets are $45 each. Please bring exact change when we meet – it makes life oh-so-much easier. I work by Dow’s Lake – I will make myself available at lunch and/or after work when possible. Otherwise, we’ll try to make a few common times when we’re here in town. Kayte is a bit more flexible with her time and can make some meeting times as well.

Out of towners – we will accept money sent to us through the mail (not preferred) or through friends (preferred) – we can then either keep your tickets at the door or give them to your friend to hold on your behalf. Because of the short time frame, if you’re using the mail service – get on it. If you decide to mail, let me know via email that its on its way (I’d prefer these messages sent to rockutt@gmail.com but its ok to send to my other addresses if you have them). Having been warned money is en route, we will hold tix until Friday September 2. If the money isn’t here by then, its first come first serve on any remaining tix – if your mail arrives after September 2, you’ll be allotted a ticket if there are any remaining. Sorry about the short turn around time – I’d be happier with a bigger window of time, too. C’est la vie…

Hamiltonians – Shady Grove (905.383.2533) will be distributing a limited number of tickets to Hamilton and area. Please call ahead to Julie to find out details about this.

Latecomers – If tickets remain, they will be available at the bus pick-up or at the door.

Really really really close friends – please realise that we’re dealing with a pretty big job here. Please just pay your ticket up front like everyone else – it gets messy and hard to keep track of otherwise. Not trying to be difficult, just heading off at the pass ;-)


When we sell you your tickets, we’ll make your bus reservation for you and your group if you’re buying for more people than yourself. We will take bus reservations at the time of ticket sale, up to Friday September 2. After that, tickets still get you on the bus for free but the buses will be first come first serve for remaining seats and we won’t be booking additional buses after September 2.

Buses will leave Ottawa at 1:30pm sharp. We are currently arranging for the buses to leave from the Ottawa bus station. If people would prefer a Glebe and/or market pick-up, please let us know. If there is adequate interest we can make the appropriate arrangements.


We’ve been asked a number of questions concerning the party, particularly around vegetarian food options, bus prices etc. Here’s a little FAQ style list of answers:

Q – How much are the tickets?

A – $45. This gets you a bus ride to Wakefield and back to Ottawa, all of your food and drink, five or six musical acts from 2:00pm to 1:00 am, entry into the coolest bar in the bloody area, and a contribution to a really good cause. There is also a $35 ticket for those who want to go home after the roast-party rather than going to the Black Sheep

Q – What really good cause?

A – I’m glad you ask. Our next door neighbours have a son with down syndrome. He lives in an independent living home in Chelsea, called the QUAIL house. He is one of our very favourite people. If he’s at the party – and I hope he will be - I’m sure you’ll dig him too. If there are proceeds from the party, we will be making a donation to the QUAIL house from those proceeds. The QUAIL house is volunteer run and requires constant fund raising and help to keep it going. If you’ve ever known families with handicapped members, you’ll know exactly how important an organization like this is for these families.

Q – Is there a special price for vegetarians?

A – Short answer, no. Long answer, the food component of our costs is not insignificant. However, the meat costs are actually not that high compared to the entire food bill. We are putting a lot of work into this party and cannot really afford the additional hassle of partitioning party components for people to pick and choose which parts they want to pay for. Overall, the vegetarian portion of the meal is more costly than the meat anyhow.

Q – Is there a ‘no bus’ option?

A – Short answer, no. Long answer – again, we feel that the cost saving is barely worth the hassle of partitioning ticket components. However, our real motivation here is the drunk driving issue. Highway 5 and 105 are dangerous roads where there are frequent BAD accidents. You are our friends and family – we do not want to see anybody hurt. Furthermore, as environmentally conscious people we’d prefer to minimize the number of vehicles coming from Ottawa to Wakefield. We want you to take the bus.

Q – Is there a reduced ticket price for people only wanting to attend the earlier part of the party and skip the Black Sheep Inn performance?

A – Yes. We are making a donation to the QUAIL house for independent living out of the proceeds of this party. Our neighbours are in their early 90s (you’ll love them – they rock) and have a son who is a resident of the QUAIL house. We want them and their friends and family to be a part of this as well, so we’ve decided to create a party that will interest them too. I don’t think many of them will want to carry on to the Black Sheep though – so we decided to do a limited run of “Pre-Party Only†tickets. These will cost $35 but not give access to the Sheep.

Q – Is there wine to go with the dinner?

A – No. We’re providing all the beer you could ask for, pop, water and whatever else hits our imagination in time. If you’d like wine with your dinner you are more than welcome to bring your own – this won’t be a problem.

We truly hope to see you all at Wakefest 2005!

J & Kayte

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Heh heh heh - BradM, you're such a stickler for details ;-)

Full ticket details are to come - this is really just to get the word out right now. Kayte and I have to do some figuring on how to org that side of things. One thing I can say, there will likely be no tix for the BSI show only as we will likely pack the place to capacity with Wakefest partiers.

As for the food... I'm doing the pig and the lamb (done a pig before, the lamb will be a new experience) and a friend of mine from the Cordon Blue chef school is bringing a small posse of chefs to do all the other fixins.

As for assistance with the pig 'n all, we're pretty well set. It'll still be roasting when everyone arrives. I'll start it at around 4 or 5 am to be ready for 5 or 6 pm.

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The man's making a whole fucking pig AND a lamb and you're bitching about veggies?

Why don't you and your Café Aquarius friends just bring your own vegan date squares and drink your Yogi tea and talk about your feelings.

I think he's referring to a certain "magical" fungus...

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Let me clarify.

Crew of Cordon Blue chefs coming to do all the fixins. Cordon Blue chefs tend not to fuck around with their food prep.

I'm loosely defining fixin's to include all of the vegetable and grain based food-stuffs that will both complement (in the case of omnivores) and substitute for (in the case of herbivores) pig n' lamb.

I'm fairly confident both camps (omni and herbi) will be happy with the food provided.

Oh - if you want wine, bring yer own. We have no problem with this but won't be supplying any.

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Will there be a separate ticket level/price for those who won't need/want to take the chartered buses

Thanks for asking, Brad. I'm not sure if we can make it, but if so, we'd be coming by car from Montréal. We'd probably end up in Ottawa at some point, but I don't think we'd be willing to leave the car there (what with me being pregnant and all).

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The man's making a whole fucking pig AND a lamb and you're bitching about veggies?

Why don't you and your Café Aquarius friends just bring your own vegan date squares and drink your Yogi tea and talk about your feelings.

You can sip tea from my.....ughhh rrrr.

My feelings are hurt...a lot.

Cafe Aquarius closed down you heartless bastard.



PS Are you a Guelphite? ... PM your answer...

taking away from purpose of thread over!

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The man's making a whole fucking pig AND a lamb and you're bitching about veggies?

Why don't you and your Café Aquarius friends just bring your own vegan date squares and drink your Yogi tea and talk about your feelings.

heartless MF!

(unless you meant to post in purple.)

Deeps, we can consider rushing polk to emerg for trichomoniasis......after we've licked our salad bowl clean ;)

but seriously J, what about a reduced price for vegetarians?

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Hey folks' date='



- One [b']150lb pig on a spit

- One 50lb lamb on a spit


I'm in heaven!!!!!!!!!!! My mouth is actually watering right now!!!

Haha!!!! I'm laughing and barfing all at the same time...love it. :)

Awesome to meet you again Tomfoolery! My face hurt from smiling so much! Excited to meet yer girl! Sept. is earmarked fer sure!

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I just need to point out that when Tomfoolery talks food, he ain't shittin' you.

He KNOWS his stuff. Along with great music, one of the greatest things in life to appreciate is great food. He and Kayte know this and they will provide.

I am super excited for this event.

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Who's doing the cooking? (And if the food is as good as it sounds, some wine might be good, too. Would people be allowed to bring their own?)

If anyone is interested, we have a membership at the Wine Exchange in Ottawa. I can ask them if they'll sponser the event and get us some wine. It wouldn't be free, but if I knew how many people were interested, I would ask for a few dollars from each (i'm really talking about only a few dollers) and we could get plenty of member brewed wine.

Send me an email if you are interested (bouche@jambands.ca) and I'll build a list

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