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Wakefest - September 10 2005 - Wakefield QC

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Sorry Todd - Monday the 5th (see the post up top) is when bus reservations end.

Kit Kat - The event is outside and we certainly have no problem with children at the party. I've invited other people with their kids, although I'm not sure if they're bringing them. We're setting up some chairs and stuff on the perimeter of the area for older folks and people wanting a break (like those carrying kids around?)

Everyone else - The beer is included. Bouche is correct.

See ya

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Hey Howler,

Bus info will be passed around once I finalize the booking. Right now, I'm taking bus info from people when they buy their tickets. Preferred pick-up: Glebe, market or terminal. Once I see how many people want to go and from where, I'll try to accomodate with the bus driver.

Off to the Manx...

Too bad they don't carry Heritage ;-)

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Cool beans Ms. Hux

A reminder to all others. Bus reservations end this wknd. After this weekend, its first come first serve for any remaining bus seats - if they fill up you're on your own for transportation...

If you can't make it to the Manx tonight or tomorrow make arrangements with me, grab tix from Freeker By The Speaker, or email Kayte at rockutt@gmail.com to see if we can hook up.

This whole thing is shaping up pretty wild. We've had some amazing feedback from people in some surprising circles - the buzz is on!

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Last night of ticket sales at the Manx. 5pm to 6:30pm

Bus reservations are not guaranteed after Monday.

Kayte and I will be around but only sporadically available over the wknd. Our number is 819 459 2077 if you want to get in touch with us regarding tickets this weekend - neither of us turn computers on during the weekend.

See ya...

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