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Wakefest - September 10 2005 - Wakefield QC

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Please come and say hi to me if you get the chance. Seems that I was surrounded by board folk @ CTMF this weekend and didn't get a chance to meet many.

We are so looking forward to our first trip out your way and look forward to helping out with what sounds like is going to be a great party.

See y'all real soon.


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The email I just sent out...

Directions to be attached shortly.

Hey folks,

First of all - please forward this to anyone you know that is coming. I'm not sure that my email list is complete and don't want anyone left out in the cold on this. Your help is appreciated.

Second - there are still some tickets available and will likely be available at the door. We've capped things but I think we'll still have a bit of space for door tickets.

Things are shaping up nicely out at 35 Wakefield Heights. We're really looking forward to Saturday and hope you're as excited as we are!

Here are a couple of details that may be important...

The bus is now officially organized. Here's the details:

Leaving Glebe High School parking lot (roughly Glebe and Percy) at 1pm

Leaving Loeb in the market (Rideau and King Edward) at 1:20pm

Return bus will be leaving the Black Sheep at closing time

A few things you may consider bringing:

swimwear if the weather is good

lawnchairs if you so desire


If you are driving out to Wakefest, here are directions (attached). Our phone number is on the directions. We probably will have you park at a friend's place down the road but we'll play that by ear so come to our place anyhow and we'll set you straight.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!


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Directions to Wakefield

Our phone number is 819 459 2077

401 E

416 N

417 E

Exit at Nicholas/Lees - take Lees exit which is the first one on the right.

Turn left at the T intersection (100m down off-ramp).

Follow this road as it loops up and over 417 then turns back west again on North side of 417.

Stay in the right lane and go straight through the next two lights - you are now on King Edward going through Ottawa U.

Stay on King Edward until you see the signs for Hull/Hwy 5.

You do not take an exit or anything - the road starts to curve up and to left to go onto the bridge over the Ottawa river.

Stay in the left lane and do not take any exits for anything off of this hwy (5).

**** This is a four lane, divided hwy that you follow to its end.

Do not take the exit at St. Joseph Blvd for Hwy 105 (you'll understand in next two steps)****

At the end of Hwy 5, turn right at stop sign.

Turn left at lights onto Hwy 105 (la Vallee Restaurant across road)

Follow this until it splits to a four lane again (do not take exit for Wakefield).

Down a hill - up a hill - Hwy ends again.

Take the exit to the right (Wakefield/Maniwaki – Hwy 366).

Follow to the lights (1km tops).

Go straight (signs say right to Wakefield, left to Maniwaki).

Cross bridge and take first right - Wakefield Heights Road.

Only house on the left - first driveway.

Welcome to 35 Wakefield Heights.

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holy crap. That was one helluva day. Thank you so much Tomvfoolery and KateBraceletROck! You guys seriously put together the finest day of the summer in Ottawa. I had an incredible time.

Every bit of this event was top-notch grassroots action and I met so many fantastic people thanks to you 2. The bus driver may be a new addition to our little music world in the area.

The Music was all fantastic, and I finally got to see Deepsez band, What the Thunder Said. They are excellent and I can't wait for them to return to Ottawa.

J's bluegrass band (including his amazing father) was a major highlight of the day and ended the fest with smiles and cheers.

Gotta run. It sounds like the Family guy is about to start ;)

some photos

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Thank you all so much for helping us celebrate and create Wakefest 2005. It was a remarkable event AND THAT UNMISTAKABLE VIBE! Wow.

If any of you (besides Bouche) have photos I would love to see them! So please forward or ask J. for my email.....

On a final note I would like to thank Bouche and Jambands for this extraordinary venue that we have to share ideas, love, gossip and MUSIC. cheers, thank you thank you and WOW.

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We will be back. Soon I hope.

This was a truly great weekend, for the band and if our first real trave-gig is any indication of what is in store for us we'll be happy kids for a while.

Inglewood Jack rocks. Gotta great thing going for yourselves guys, looking forward to making music again. The jam off the top of the day was a definite highlight.

I think the Northern lights that presented themselves as we left the Black Sheep might have stolen the show.

My fiancé Sara had never seen them and I was doing a happy dance as she exited the bar and I was the first to get her to look up.

More to come as my thoughts gather.

Great pics Booche.

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Meeting some of our differently abled friends at the show.

Talking to Gerard by the porch and seeing his eyes lighting up as the stage started to take shape. He showed me his farming hat and was real nice and exciting to be around.

Two people who's names I didn't get:

One dude with a beard whose name I tried to get, but for his own reasons had to walk away. He was a little shy I suspected, but not the case as I found out later. I worried that I or the entire event might be a little overwhelming as both were teaming with energy.

I see this mysterious friend a half our later helping out with the garbage collection and he stops to bust into a move while Inglewood Jack was playing. Dude could groove and was definitely not afraid to ham it up for the people he knew...awesome.

One gal came up to the stage as we were playing and I couldn't get her name because of the rock, but I did hear here say "it sounds like you're making a CD" and with eyes closed trying to capture what she felt in the moment "it's like perfect crystal jazz". This touched me most of all as all I ever want is for our music and vibe to move people and to have them feel free to say it. She looked so happy and I was proud of us.

Thanks Jay and Kayte for bringing about the special circumstances that allowed my heart to grow when these moments ran me over with what a beautiful thing life is when we see an opporunity and charitably share it with everyone who will appreciate it for what it is.

Much love and respect.

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Hey guys,

Thanks to those that made it out. That was one helluva great day. Kayte and I have both been busting with what an incredibly positive vibe it was all around!

There was a lot of people aside from me and Kayte that pulled through BIG TIME. We would have been screwed many times over without lots of amazing people that were there to help.

Bouch - killer photos. I cannot wait to share those around.

Deeps - again - WTTS rules my world.

Just ona quick break from a crappy course I have to take this week. More thoughts soon...


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What an incredible day and evening.

Jay and Kayte thanks for having us. My highlights include:

The yummy beer

the top notch food

What the Thunder Said was terrific

Inglewood Jack's awesome performance

the kind vibe

the great weather

the swimming

the school bus driver/light man

and finally watching Jay and his dad playing bluegrass together was truly a beautiful moment.

Way to go!

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What she said.

Finally online (dialup... still not connected at home... grr...) to get a chance to say Wow. J and Kayte, I'm sure you've heard this many many times already, but you really have to built a permanent stage and make this a monthly event, at least. There, I said it again. You guys totally knocked yourselves out getting this happening, and every minute of it had such positive energy. More! More!

Wonky connection... better post this sooner rather than later. Once again, thanks!

Oh, and J, we never did get that chance to jump off the bridge. We'd better get to that before the water gets much colder :P .

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Quick post - I am on course this week so no regular computer access.

The show at the Sheep was killer! The Riddim Ryders did a stellar show.

It went so damned well that Paul (BSI Owner) has actually asked Kayte to do some further promotions and bookings with him. So, we may wind up piecing together a few more events with him this fall.

Dave - there is little I would like better than to make it monthly :-) I suspect that we will have to live with a couple more modest evenings restricted to the sheep.

The fire pit has now become a permanent part of the back yard. Why we never had that before is beyond me...

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The pig was good, the music delicious and the black sheep was a blur, good job. We need more outdoor parties like this in the area.



Oh yeah, I put up all the pictures I took in two zips (so they wouldn't lose any quality). They aren't great but if you're curious:

Zip 1 - 20 megs

Zip 2 - 13 megs

The first zip is mostly band pics. The second is about half WTTS and the rest are drunken fools. I left all the pictures in cause they were meant for the guys in guelph but hey, why not share. Just don't laugh at how drunk I am near the end.

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Hello all,

Well, a week has gone by and Kayte and I have finally gotten our house back in order and finished off the post-Wakefest break-down. It was a helluva time and we really appreciated all the help we received and the great vibe you all created.

Wakefest 2005 was an official success. The QUAIL House should be receiving a donation of $618 in the next couple of days. More important than this, though, is the fact that the QUAIL residents in attendance enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Our neighbours, Ray & Gert, were perfectly blown away by the friendly and happy crowd that attended the party. All of their friends that came to celebrate thought it was a wonderful event, too.

Lost & Found:

· I believe we’ve a couple of lawn chairs we didn’t have before.

· There is one Teva sandal looking for an owner.

· One red lamp (Roxanne?!?) with a Michael Jackson pin, as an identifier, is left.


· Please send any photos that you may want to share to either Kayte or myself. You can use our email address for digital photos (rockutt@gmail.com), or our mailing address (Box 152, Wakefield QC, J0X 3G0) for print photos.

Thanks, btw, to Bouche and Matt for sharing those photos - I was a bit busy for camera wielding so its nice to see a few snaps from the day.


The owner of the Black Sheep was blown away with the success of the evening. He really wants Kayte to do some more work with him in promoting future shows.

Kayte (with some support from her loyal assistant) is considering putting together a couple of events over this fall. This will not be a recreation of Wakefest as neither of us have the energy for that quite yet. However, there may be some fun shows coming up in Wakefield and/or Ottawa.

Thanks again to all of you that made it out. For those that did not – you were missed!


J & Kayte

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Leftovers consisted of:

- one unopened keg

- one shoulder of pig

- one completely demolished lamb carcass

- one kg of coleslaw

- two kg of pasta salad

- two cases of pop

- one persistent guitar player wrapped in "Danger" tape

The keg was returned

The carcasses were unceremoniously donated to the local crow population

The salads and pop were given to anyone interested

The guitar player was last seen wearing the same clothes he showed up in (leather pants and a wife-beater) sneaking up on an unsuspecting motorist in Chelsea...

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