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Yea, Thursday! (Slowcoaster & Organix)


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For each "Ugh, Monday" day, there is (or should be) a "Yea, Thursday!" day. Well, this week, there is:

Slowcoaster w/ Organix

Thursday June 5

Cafe Dekcuf



From Slowcoaster's press kit:


Coming from the island of Cape Breton, Slowcoaster offers something different from the traditional Celtic tunes for which the area has become so well known - something which reflects another side of the island's music scene.

The band represents a younger generation who has grown up with the honesty and sense of tradition so evident in the Celtic scene, but also with the 1960s pop and country records of their parents, the flashy sounds and visuals of Much Music, and the unique, original sounds coming from the vibrant local underground scene. This mish mash of influence and style produce irresistibly catchy songs which are both honestly written and undeniably danceable. The music is a fusion of funk and reggae, with hints of rock, jazz, hip-hop and even afro-Cuban forming a distinctive originality.

Slowcoaster started to take shape in November 1999 when singing, song-writing, guitarist Steven MacDougall and drummer Devon Strang returned home to Cape Breton Island from Vancouver, British Columbia and hooked up with Mike LeLievre, a well-traveled local guitar player who took to playing bass guitar like it was his birthright. MacDougall brought with him a lifetime of tales which came to life in his songs.

LeLievre and Strang provided a solid and innovative rhythm section when driving MacDougall's epic guitar and vocal melodies, sometimes taking center stage during sparse ballads, hip-hop influenced funk, or the nearing-the-edge-of-insanity of some nonsensical scrum song. Lelievre's innovative grooves blend with MacDougall's guitar work and vocals weaving complex counterpoint melodies that are the fruits of inspiration, intuition and a whole lot of attention.

In the Summer of 2002, percussionist Darren Gallop joined Strang and set into motion another interweaving duo, both offsetting and supporting the strings. Congas accentuate syncopated funk-leaning songs and add a well-considered fullness to an already rich sound.

Slowcoaster has performed hundreds of shows in their hometown of Sydney, NS and throughout the Atlantic Provinces, building a fan-base by touring constantly and selling self-produced recordings from the stage. The first collection of songs, Jody's Garden, was released in the summer of 2000; Volume II was released in the winter of 2001; the latest, Accidents & Excuses has been available since January 2003.

During the summer of 2002, a compilation of songs from Jody's Garden and Volume II replaced those recordings and became known as Leaves, as in "the one with the leaves on the cover". The band is currently working on their debut full-length recording which they expect to be ready by in the Summer of 2003.

I've downloaded their stuff, and like it a lot. Finely-crafteed songs, ranging from good pop, two-tone ska, funk, rock, etc. Bryan at Dekcuf is on a big Slowcoaster kick these days, and often has their stuff going over the PA before and between sets.

Organix is also loads of fun. I saw them open for The Sneakers last time they played here, and they let loose a wave of smooth polished funk that seemed straight out of New York recording studios in the '70s.

This is going to be a fun night; hope y'all come out.



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Guest Low Roller

Ditto on the post-Radiohead appearance.

From what I've heard of the Organix guys on their webpage, this will be a quality show.

I'm unfamiliar with Slowcoaster, so I hope I can at least make it for the closing credits tonight.

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Im definately in - Organix is supposed to be great and Im pretty sure Slowcoaster will be alot of fun (but havent heard much about them - ranchstaffer whats the scoop - a heavy rum night?).

It'd be nice to see more than few bodies out seeing as attendance for the majority of good Ottawa shows in 2003 has been piss poor but what can you do.

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I used to play bass for Steven and Devon out here in Vancouver while they were recording their first demo. Great guys - extremely talented. Check them out for sure! Dave Andrews is good freinds with the Slowcoaster boys as well. If you see him, let him know I just saw his evil ex girlfreind on the street. She looked AWFUL.

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Allow me to say great stuff before I collapse (or supernova if you prefer) into Grandpa Simpson snoring while standing up mode.

That was fast.

Snoring orchestra plays...

Good tunes tonight. To the East Coasters, thanks for coming to play for us.





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Organix was awesome. IIRC, they're paired up with ferriswheeler at least once in the coming months; from what I saw last night, it's going to be a good match.

Slowcoaster...my word, my words fail me. Epic and sick jams, incredible songwriting, awe-inspiring (or maybe ahhh-inspiring) musicianship.

It was a great crowd too, with some serious SC fans in attendance.



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