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No worries... As I stated in another thread though, I won't be at moe.Down... I've decided to stay in Canada and go to CTMF instead...

are you mad man?! You realize just how accessable moe-down is right? Turns out 'I'm' probably locked in the computer forev...but jebus if I could or if it turns out I can...NOTHIN' will be stoppin this gal.

Have you been to moe-down before? Sereously Dell I'm sure you'd be blown.

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I know moe.Down is an awesome festival... I've never been, but I've heard some amazing stories about it... The lineup this year isn't terribly great, but there are definitely some bands I'd love to see... What it comes down to is cost... Sure I'll spend quite a bit on "supplies" and booze at CTMF, but in the end moe.Down will still be more expensive... Plus there are a lot of friends and bands that I haven't seen since the May CTMF... In the end I think I'll have a better time at CTMF... There will be other moe.Downs, and I will make it down there eventually, just not this year...

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