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roll call: One more Sat. Nite


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Woooohoooo!!! That was fun fun fun!!!

Things ran a little late, but that's to be expected with that many bands, great turnout. Really enjoyed No Buds for Robert, great tunes and vocals guys - great job Dave. Damn I'm itching to be on the stage again.

I boogied my butt off to Music Never Stopped, good times...for some reason all I can remember is them playing Music Never Stopped (killer) I'm sure it will all come back to me as I regain my sanity from the draft-gods (ouch - c'mon Tylenol...c'mon), but that was a fun night. Sugar Megs came down with the flu and had to leave early (well 1:30) but it was great shaking it with Cosmic and Ollie into the wee hours. Thanks for loaning me the cab fare, I owes ya.


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Let's see what I can remember... started off with Touch of Grey and Greatest Story Ever Told. Finished with Black Muddy River and Ripple. In between there was a Music Never Stopped, Scarlet Begonias... don't remember if there was a Fire. Brain is swiss cheese after last night.

Great show with a good vibe in the room. Lot's of crazy heads I don't usually see around, getting down in O-town. My first time at the Carleton Tavern too... my kind of place!

Hux, I think we're even considering you bought that last pitcher which was a life saver in hindsight with the show going to 3am. Good times with you as always!

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