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Roll Call: Kobayashi

Phunky Cauldron

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It was absolutely unbelievable. I can't believe how cool these guys/girl were. I went with taping gear, only to realize I'd forgotten a blank md (second time I've done this in a couple of weeks). Anyhow, there was a solid crowd with a couple of breakdancing kids up near the front. I would go see these guys again in a second even if I had to drive to montreal. The songs that you can find on their website don't do them any justice. It's all about the live show. They covered Summertime and You Got me by the roots with their girl singer doing all the erika badu parts and their MC doing the guy parts. It was just sick as can be. It was bloody cold, but well worth it to check these guys out. I also couldn't believe the number of people out. There were probably 100-150 people out on a Wednesday which was pretty cool. The venue was a little shakey though. The Mercury Lounge for those of you who haven't been is one of those Rich Yuppie/Classy Joints that you see in movies. I did like it and the place had better than average sound, but I don't like being forced into coat check and being glared at all night for my choice of attire. but not even those minor setbacks could get in the way of Kobayashi. Definitely check them out next time you get the opportunity. Every single player was soooooo good and they all brought their individual talents to certain songs. Anyhow, that's enough for my rant.

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