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FieldNotes - DD in Ottawa


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[big Grin]

Although some people would think a five hour drive to Ottawa to play for 13 or so people would not be considered a success, I tend to disagree. Here are some mental notes for those who are interested.

First time playing in Ottawa (furthest gig for all of us except Ike (Rhode Island??)) and we were all all pretty excited to get on the road when we met at Ike's at noon. We took two vehicles with Ricky driving Ike, Doug & Jonas and then Ryan and I in his van with the majority of the gear. A rather uneventful ride but around Brockville there was a BMW with a really long European liscence plate that rolled up beside us and we both aggreed he was a diplomat and gave ourselves "diplomatic immunity" and it felt great! Long distances make Ryan and I go a little kooky and we are both easily excitable after that point so it was great to pull up to the famed Cafe' Dekuf and order a beer to take the taste of road out of our mouths . We did pretty good time and got there at about 5:30 right on time to do a good soundcheck and watch the other bands roll in there gear (and roll it in they did!). Enter the kindest Dr. Hux (it's amazing what skin bleaching can do now adays). Great guy, and he offered to keep us holed up across the border till the show started mumbling something under his breath about stalker fans, and nudity, etc. and saying we would be safer in Hull. One quick last (haha) beer at the bar and off we went across the river following the Dr.'s car and luckily he had a Ferriswheeler sticker on the back so we could easily tail him. A short drive and we were there although it probably seemed longer for Ricky seeings as Ryan and I made an agreement to speak ONLY French while in Quebec. We weren't bad in the car, Hi, how are you, I'm fine.... but once we joined the others and the Dr. we were at a loss and tossed the idea. (five minutes or so max.-have to improve for diplomatic purposes.) After a brief chat with Dr. I realized that these fine digs were not his, but Ms. Hux and Bouche's. They were at the AMMF and were letting their house go to the Dogs while they were away. Everything that we needed and more. Thanks you guys, we had a great time. After a few Black Label Light's we got back to the Cafe and I caught a bit of Shooting Ruby (not bad, a few originals-called the lead singer "Chris " and gave him the point and shoot in the bathroom because he reminded me of Chris Issak from the TV show) and decided that it was time to meet some folks from the Scank. People started trickling in and the Dr. intro-ed me to bradm, Freaker, larry D Mulligan daveO & others. Wisconisin (arena rock=bad Marshall, no tuna) started up and after a few songs Freaker suggested the outside thing so we stepped out for a sniff of the air in our nation's capital. Hooked up with Sally and the other Booche (he took a few jabs, but I never realized he was calling me on till later!). After closing with Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way"...hmmm, and pushing most of the thin crowd towards the back of the room (which is also where the door is), Wisco left the stage and we took it. The sound was good and we played well. I'll try with the setlist, kinda shaky didn't write it down so not in order::

Fishin' With The Skipper

Bend Down Low


Second Thoughts



I'll Get To You

I'm A Ram

I'm A Man

Ain't Got None

(anybody else???)

Everything was going good untill the Wisco CD giveaway when the crowd became surly and decided to pick fights. The lights were rather bright and I couldn't see but I knew that it was Booche and his henchies making a fuss (off colour comments about my beloved Seattle Seahawks(I for one do NOT mind the teal piping on thier uniforms!), and talk of who has the bigger pair of sissypants) so we decided to call it quits and play one last song, I'm A Man to subliminally satisfy the somewhat sausagey crowd, sorry sally.

We packed up and left but not without saying our goodbyes and wishing each other safe passage The Dr. and I briefly discussed taking some liver pate and crackers to 24 Sussex but thought that the butter knife may scare the guards into submission and decided against it. By the way, how did you do Dr.?? Find the "parliment building" alright?? Drove back across the river and talked about the show a bit and relaxed. Got kinda tipsy at one point and decided to go outside and catch the stars, but just kinda fell into one of those muskoka chairs outside and slept for about ten minutes before rousing myself and getting another beer. Got into the condiments (sorry guys I had to, really good selection, you like HOT STUFF - even hot plum sauce. Excellent authentic fish sauce) and decided to pass out.

Laying on loveseat watching Grateful Dawg DVD (awesome!!!)

One eye is now shut

Althea likes the smell of fish sauce

Pig In A Pen

Purring, hours later

Decide the loveseat is too short so I go for the ottoman.

Ahhhhh dans l'ottoman.

Wake up with head feeling like 25 lbs. and I gotta release some pressure from the cabin. Ryan suggests a shower and I become ill and we were off but not before leaving a little vino and diesel so Bouche and the Ms. could toast their homecoming from the AMMF. I slept for at least three hours (good job Ryan, sorry for being a little testy ) and we ate breakfast at 3 in Port Hope and got home. After talking about it a bit, we decided that it WAS a success because now we know the area, have met a few cool people along the way and the bar seemed cool with us and understood what was going on. Our gas expenses were more than our payment but it was a tester to see what COULD happen and it seemed to work fine. If you guys want us back, we'd love to play at the Cafe again. We just have to pick a good date and have a few good bands to play with. How about it Dr. , or any other cool bands in the area. We might be able to work it in Aug or Sept when we go east. Some other place, some other time Booche...

A little longer than originally intended but pretty much sums up my weekend. Good times in Ottawa, hope everyone can get there sometime. Cafe Dekuf is a nice warm room. It's a haul but worth it. Checked out the Parliment Buildings on the way out of town, beautiful!!

Aloha!!!!! -sorry bradm, I had too!


Other things....

- Name confusion in Ottawa abounds; Dr. is not with Ms. she's with Bouche, but not Booche....

- Variety stores in Hull have specials on beer, not like the beer store. Picked up 6 Black Label LIGHT 4% for 4.99 and a 6 of Labbat Porter for 8.

- People are kind: Ms Hux and Bouche let us use their place while they were gone. A big THANK YOU from all of us goes out to both of you for letting us use your place for the evening sight unseen. I have not met both of you formally yet but when I do we will have to sit down, smoke, and laugh about the white foam (all the while Phish's "Foam" playing in my head) I puked up the next morning in your bathroom sink (oops, wasen't going to metion that but it was a pro job - no mess, no spatter)

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Nice personal review!

Thanks for thinking of us and leaving us something to TOAST our return. There's nothing like getting home after a festival to treats.

Also, thanks for the wonderful picture of your stay. There was a mostly full bottle of black label beside the bbq, and I wondered if you guys had enjoyed some grilled steaks. Having an image of you snoozing in the chair out back makes it a little more colourful.

I hope the instructions to work the dish etc, worked out. I expected to get home and turn on the TV, and noticing it was left on the porn channel. Jackass: The Movie was on instead. That was a clue that Dr. Hux didn't stay over.

The house was in perfect shape, and I think both ms.hux and I are grateful for you to keep Althea company. I hope she didn't drive you too crazy. We clipped her razor claws before we left, but unfortunately had to leave her larynx intact.

Again, thanks for the treats, and I do hope we can all have a night together in Ottawa. Let's plan it! I see a Diesel Dog/Huxtable Setblender in my crystal ball.

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It was great to meet you and the rest of the guys. Wish we had a few more people out for ya, we can do better - next time!! You guys are a riot, would've liked to spend some more time ragin' it up with y'all.

HEY - maybe we could come down there and play a gig with you cats!??!

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Said double bill to be billed as "DrDieselHuxtaDog", I assume. And with Dr. Huxtable working with Diesel Dog, would that mean Dr. Huxtable is a mechanic or a veterinarian?*



* Or, to quote Montry Python, "Actually, I'm a gynecologist, but this is my lunch hour..."

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Wow, what a vivid picture you painted of your stay Floyd. We were more than happy to put ya'll up for the night. Our only regret (before I heard about the puke in the sink [Wink] ) was that we couldn't be there.

Too funny about raiding our condiments. You're absolutely right we sure like to cook and pride ourselves on always having a variety of hot sauces at hand.

Glad you enjoyed yourselves and thanks again for the treats. I'm going to eat that popcicle tonight! Come back soon.

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Thanks for the responses guys, I really did have a good time. Kinda nice to get up there and look forward to returning. Sounds like the Dr. may be up for a road trip south west....hmmm sounds interesting,,

Freak I'm down with the pepper jelly, bring some toast rounds. And Bouche, I never once cooked, consumed, prepared, or even faintly smelled steak while at your place. Strictly fridge door for me. Know nothing of porn (maybe some triple vision bouncing that made me look away) and not much into the Jackass either, but that Dawg DVD is killer, wish I could have stayed up for more of it. Bring with on round2. Ms. Hux your place is fine, and Althea's going to be a well adjusted cat, she's learning proper behaviour early. Look forward to meeting you guys. Tonin, I'm smiling like you right now. Did anyone else realize how good Bobby was in the kitchen.

Awww and we thought he was just for the bedroom.

Lottie's sauce kicks ass!


Deep breath

Ok gotta let this one go..

In best announcers voice

You are right diesel doug you can say that again and again and again ...

frumpyone - for your bad attitude and generally pissing me (and everybody else it seems) off all day with your negativity, you have won yourself a FREE Wisconsin CD sampler which you can pick up the next time you come out to see us play. Come and talk to the big guy with the tambourine, I'll have a smile on my face until I find out who you are. Bring your own paddle and don't forget your sissypants YOU WILL NEED THEM!! - Cyberyelling continues

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Wisconsin was the main reason only 13 of us were there once Diesel Dog took the stage. Well, there were more reasons (summer draws suck at bars being another one), and a few people from Ottawa were not in town.

In the end, the band had a good time and some of the roars they got were the LOUDEST i have ever heard from a crowd that size. As Floyd has mentioned, we were all so comfortable with the general 'niceness' coming from the stage, that we felt obliged to yell out any catcalls we wanted in between songs, such as, "The Seattle Shithawks suck!"

Which they do..........................

Dont worry, they will be back, and some of us will go there.

Floyd, the general consensus from everyone there were high marks. I wish I had access to my work email right now, so you could see some of the kind things those thirteen of us had to say.

Loved that SG thingy!

"I'll play your favorite song, darlin............"

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Nope, thats just Ottawa! Next times guys, I promise we'll get more people out, Send me up some posters next time and I'll make sure they get up before the show. Also don't get on the same bill with bands like Milwaukee, or whatever they're fucking called, talk about fan repelant, those guys sucked donkey dick!! great to meet you Floyd, you had me laughing my ass off all night, and I see what you mean about being the "general band motivator" I would love to see you guys play with Hux and Ferris for that matter, now theres a triple bill people can git into.

Great bunch of guys with a great sound, come back soon!

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Wisconsin can't be blamed for the people who didn't show up. The fact is that we have a good SMALL scene here. And if your name ain't nero, you ain't drawing in Ottawa. Bands like Jiva Ju and Diesel Dog can't be booked on consecutive nights with random hard rock bands opening - they need to be on the same bill.

For the record, I counted 16 people. And I thought Diesel Dog rocked the house!

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I counted 35 but I was drinking through a funnel and dropped out of kindergarten when I was 8.

That was a low turnout, even for Ottawa, so next time you guys come, definitely play in a less crap-inducing-want to tear out my hair and vomit or maybe even crap in the speakers lineup. Actually, the first band wasn't too bad, but Wisconsin needs to be taken off the map and relocated to Siberia, or perhaps Turkmenistan.

Maybe that frumpy guy is from Wisconsin and is offended at our trash talking of Wisconsin, who to reiterate, aren't my favourite band.

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