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3 Day Dead trip


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Hi all!

Me and a buddy are doing a 3 day trip to the states on June 20th, 21st, 22nd to go see the dead in saratoga, hartford, and mansfield. Since i so often asked people for rides to Bonnaroo and shainhouse was awesome in offering one, I am inviting anyone to come aboard in my car if they need a ride to any of these three dead shows. Or if you werent planning on going, grab a ticket and come.

Will be fun!! Right after the roo, too!


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No I'm actually not going now

shain offered one, but it really wont be the same without my buddy''s who can't go.

Plus i have an important exam the day after the festival.

I figured 3 days of the dead, + IT + Allmans + Jazz Fest + Dead and dylan at Darien will make up for it.

wanna come?

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