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BIG SERIES - Jays vs Yankees


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Jerry Howarth said on the radio yesterday that the only thing that disappoints him with the Jays right now is the production from the 3, 4 and 5 positions. He thinks the Jays are still on track for being a contender in '07 and will make serious noise next year IF they get one more arm in the starting rotation, one for the bullpen and one good RBI producer.

And Andre, he thinks the Jays are a better team without Carlos and the record doesn't lie. I'd like to see Carlos still a Jay and dump Hinske.

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Their record is way better than last year, unless they start to really go in the tank for the rest of the season.

I'm just saying what Jerry said. I've been pondering his statement. It's interesting. I think if Carlos was on the team, they wouldn't have had Hill in the line-up and some of the other younger players. I don't know, but they all play really hard and last year some of the players may have been complacent.

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"I don't know, but they all play really hard and last year some of the players may have been complacent."

First, that wasnt Carlo's fault. Secondly, the 3-4-5 hitters were off this year correct? Carlos made the 3 and 5 hitters better around him. I just have a hard time believing a team that is desperate for the run producing part of the lineup being better without him there.

That doesnt make any sense, whatsoever. He is at 24 hrs and 85 rbi's, so you can expect another year of 30-100. Tell me the Jays wouldnt be in a better position without THAT in the lineup.

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Jaimoe, that argument makes no sense. On one hand they have no production from the 3-4-5 slot and on the other they are a better team without him?

Come on.

Sorry Booche, gotta call this one... yes, the 3-4-5 are down, but the rest of the team is up... therefore the better record... It looks flawed, and you'd be right if the only thing that mattered on a baseball team is the 3-4-5 position. But it's not.

Of course put Delgado in there and they are even better, but Apples to Oranges the record doesn't lie. Just think if Vernon didn't get off to a slow start. Mmmm, what ifs'... what if Sterling Sharpe didn't break his back (watch out Jerry Rice!), plus all this Injury/platooning time is getting alot of guys great experience and trade value.

On a side note... for some reason every time I went to a game... Palmerio was usually there... and he KILLS the Jays... just think of their record if he's skinny as a telephone wire. Damn cheaters. But I laugh everytime I hear his testimony... if only cause Liars make me uncomfortable.

Jay's will be a fun team in 07... and they're a good team this year... lots of character games, and forming a real identity. But this is also happening in other places (Cleveland,Tampa Bay,ChicagoWSX), and each year, everyone starts off with the same record. J.P. Richardi has done a good job up to this point, and Toronto will probably always have to play the underdog roll until there is some kind of salary cap, or Gas crisis or something.

Power of Deduction!!!



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SmoothShredder, I agree with your assesment but please, read 4 posts up from yours. Their record DOESNT lie but I dare you to tell me that they dont require a #4 guy like Carlos. They are a better team because they have better players, but they ARENT better because Delgado isnt there.

That is all I am trying to get at. Had he been on this squad, they would have almost 10 more wins. You have to pay to get a player like that. Why didnt they try to retain him? Rogers opened the vault soon after he left and I am still incredibly bitter they didnt give him a couple of more years.

This team could have had a much better chance to make the playoffs. Obviously, loyalty is long gone in sport.

Still, I trust Richardi's decisions (thanks for the spelling.)

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Oh they do... but that wasn't the point... it was that the team wasn't better, as a whole... but yeah, Delgado back on there, and we got three teams from the East Back in, or the Yankees playing for thridsies...

I would like Delgado back, for sure... Give me Juiced McGwire actaully (with the Lance Armstorng formula)... naw just kiddin', If Hinskie lived up to his potential, they'd be fine... but we'll just have to wait until next year...

It's fun to watch Russ Adams hit... and I think JP's doing great within the structure he's been given... I wonder if he's available to take over the Raptors... Geez, what a train wreck.

Still we agree... ish... It's semantics, and I see where your getting at... damn symbolic logic course... take sentances so logically now. :P

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