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Maiden gets egged.


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..... last night's Ozzfest with co-headliner Iron Maiden in LA;

-Iron Maiden has been quoted in Kerrrang for criticizing Ozzy/Sharon reality tv show

-Iron Maiden began their set and were greeted with eggs, spit and beer thrown at them by roadies and other band members with laminated passes in the front of the stage; security did nothing! As well, someone invaded the soundboard and began chanting "OZZY OZZY during Maiden's intro"!!

-Maiden's 2nd song was THE TROOPER! While Bruce waved a Union Jack flag, some guy associated with Ozzy gets tackled on the side as he attempts to storm the stage with an American flag that said "Don't Fuck with Ozzy"

-During the 3rd song, "Hallowed Be Thy Name", Maiden's PA repeatedly went out; this only enraged Maiden to unleash a slaughter of metal power to the crowd

- at the end of their gig, just before Sabbath came on, Sharon Osbourne (the MC) came onstage, thanked Maiden, and said Bruce Dickenson was a dick; the crowd, being fed up with all the shenanigans, booed and chanted "BITCH" at Sharon


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just a tad off topic, I remember the 1st time I saw JSB (back then known as PF Station in 1997) in Halifax, inside an empty bar (the Tickle Trunk), just being blown away at how Craig (lead guitar) was shredding these solos that reeked of Maiden!!

After the 3rd time I saw them, I had to compliment Craig; I told him I hear a lot of Maiden is his solos, and he just gushed about what a big Maiden fan he was growing up.

Otherwise, RUN TO THE HILLS!

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