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how do you post a single photo?

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" Fareed Haque - man, he just kicked my ass. He's got this band Garaj

Mahal, and I was kind of familiar with him and I got a chance to play

with him at the High Sierra Festival. Man, he's my new hero. I'm

going to Chicago in a couple of weeks and I'm gonna call ahead so I

can sit down and get a couple of lessons."

-Karl Denson

That must have been a WICKED show at BB's....Karl is the energizer bunny when it comes to late nights......holy dance party! How late did he go?

...and hey, what happened to flute girl?

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I've just been arranging everything in a web album- the link to the "epic" picture turned out so big- I think I'll just post a link to the site and let you go check her out- there are two shots of her and a bunch of late night Denson.


He didn't go that late night - but I think that was partly because of such a draining night- the energy level in the room at 6 wasn't enough to keep him going...or so I thought.

He's still a Funk Master.

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