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Sin City fans help me out....


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Josh Hartnet's character in the movie is The Salesman. He makes his fist appearance in "The Customer is Always Right". This was a one time story that can be found in the "Booze, Broads, and Bullets" Novel, the 6th volume in the Sin City collection. The Salesman is a hitman for hire who, like in the movie, is hired to kill the woman in the red dress. It is important to the film as it was the test scene used by Rodriguez to convince Frank Miller to let Sin City be brought to the big screen.

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I just watched this on the weekend. Excellent film!!

I didn't get the ending though, when they dude in the elevator offers the girl a cig.

It was a couple of days though between watching the first half and last half, so maybe I forgot something important... puff.gif

The movie looked amazing though, I can't believe how with lighting effects and subtle use of colour they were totally able to make it look 'illustrated'. Very cool.

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