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Heatley to Ottawa


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Senators deal Hossa for Heatley

Hossa and Heatley

TSN.ca Staff

8/23/2005 4:29:38 PM

The Atlanta Thrashers have arranged media availability for this afternoon at which time they are expected to announce that the team has acquired Marian Hossa and a defenceman from the Ottawa Senators for forward Dany Heatley.

"We had approached the Thrashers a couple of weeks ago requesting a change of environment," agent Stacey McAlpine told The Canadian Press. "It was an extremely difficult decision, but we all worked together to try and get things resolved and it looks like we were able to do that."

Heatley, drafted second overall by the Thrashers in 2000, has 80 goals and 181 points in 190 career games. His best season thus far came in 2002-03, when he set career highs in goals (41) and points (89).

Heatley played last season with AK Bars Kazan in Russia and SC Bern of Switzerland during the NHL lockout.

He is a restricted free agent and is on the verge of agreeing to terms with Ottawa on a new deal.

McAlpine said Heatley would meet the media Wednesday in Ottawa.

Hossa and the Senators avoided salary arbitration when they agreed to a new contract Tuesday morning, just before the case was scheduled to go to arbitration. A source said Hossa will earn $5 million this season, $6 million in 2006-07 and $7 million the following season.

Hossa recorded 36 goals and 46 assists in 82 regular-season games in 2003-2004. In 467 career games, the six-foot-two, 215-pound Slovak has 188 goals and 202 assists.

More to follow.

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OMG!!! I don't like this at all!

Heatley has not been the same since that car accident. Plus we lose Devries...guess Redden is staying.

I was more exicted before I listened to Pierre McGuire pick apart the post-accident Heatley. Let's hope a "change of scenery" helps him get back on course. $13.5/3 yrs isn't bad either.

de Vries never impressed me. What did I miss?

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Taken from another message board, written by someone else...

One for one, I like it. I REALLY like it if the Thrashers are, indeed, sweetening the pot with a 1st round pick.

Heatley isn't going to get Hossa numbers -- at least not right away -- but he's a huge talent who is going to score a ton of ugly goals, play hard every night, and, best of all, will inform a team comprised of a few too many slick-but-listless technicians (minus one now, of course) with some desperately-needed Bruce Lee-style, vision-quest humanity...something only a dude with Heatley's inner demons can bring to the table.

I also like how, with this deal, Muckler is showing that he will take ZERO in the way of shi.t. "You want more than you're worth? Fuck you, we'll find another way."

Gotta say, I agree with everything this guy said.


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As a Sens fan, I think this will turn out to be a good thing for the team. Heatley is already awesome, but he will get a lot better. And the Senators need some more Canadian blood on the team.

Hossa is awesome too and will get even better, but I think this will pan out better for the Senators.

My ticket package includes the game against Atlanta on Feb 9th!

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I like the trade.

Hossa will probably put up bigger numbers in the season but I think Heatley can score more during the playoffs when things get tighter (providing he can get it together - nothing like a change of scenery).

I was a pretty big Hossa fan (now I hate the eye carving fucker - joking) but I can live with this - frees up 1.5 million for Chara/Redden.

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The Sens couldn't win with Hossa in the playoffs where he's been traditionally disappointing.

I think the Sens needed help up the middle, with a plethora of good scoring wingers. Ottawa's team chemistry is changed, and I think that should be exciting for Ottawa and scary for Leaf fans.

The Fan in Toronto talked about this trade for hours yesterday. Jim Kelly of The Hockey News and ESPN said that there was whispers within the Sens organization that they thought they had too many Europeans and wanted too add some Canadian blood. I don't necessarily agree with that assessment because the Sens seem to always draft a disproportionate amount of Europeans, even with Muckler. If they wanted more Canadians, they why don't they draft them?

Anyway, this is an excting trade.

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I can't believe people are questioning this trade. Heatley is younger and better. He put up big numbers in Atlanta with nobody, well one guy kovalchuk.

How do you figure he will do with a team around him?

People forget he was the big thing in the NHL when he busted his knee. Well he came back from that in 4 months and continued to put up numbers then was an outstanding player for Canada at the WOrld Championships and then played in the World Cup. So not sure where Dinghy and some other folk are saying he hasnt been as good as he was since the knee.

And come the playoffs he probably won't dissapear like Hossa.

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Heatley was a big disappointent in recent appearances with Team Canada. He is on the bubble for making Team Canada for the next Olympics. He didn't play well in Europe last season either ( not many Canadians did ). Dany has a lot to prove, but he's not really a gamble because he changes the team chemistry, something the Sens needed.

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2004-05 Bern SwissA 16 14 10 24 58

2004-05 Kazan Ak-Bars Russia 11 3 1 4 22

did pretty good in the swiss league.. 24 points in 16 games.. not so well in russia.

The reason he made the World Cup team was because of his performance at the World Championship the same year he hurt his knee.. He didnt see the ice much at the world cup.. but yeah he wasnt so hot at the world championship this year..

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Listen Godfrey...do I have to come over there?!?!?!

After starting the 2004-05 lockout season playing in Switzerland, Heatley returned to Atlanta briefly last February when he pleaded guilty to second degree vehicular manslaughter and other traffic violations in connection to the accident. He then surprised many by immediately leaving to play out the balance of the season in Russia instead of staying and starting in on his community service work, which calls for 150 speeches on the dangers of speeding over a three-year period. It's unknown exactly how his trade will affect the outstanding community service work.

After the Russian league playoffs ended, Heatley took part in the World Championships, a tournament he had dominated in 2004, earning MVP honors. But Heatley played poorly in Austria and a number of independent sources have told ESPN.com that Heatley was involved in disputes with teammates and members of the coaching staff on and off the ice at the tournament.

Combined with a desultory performance during last August's World Cup of Hockey, hockey officials, scouts and GMs have quietly wondered if Heatley might ever return to the form that saw him finish ninth in league scoring with 89 points in 2002-2003. A year earlier he was named rookie of the year.

Again...like I said...if he can prove himself in Ottawa...AWESOME...If not we lost a great player.

As for Hossa dissappearing during the playoffs...what about the rest if the team? Now if they had shipped off Alfie, I would have been abit happier.

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Bring it Dinghy.

The guy had two bad tournaments which amount to what? 12 games or so... he put up good numbers in the swiss league.. and the numbers for the remainder of the season after he busted his knee..

2003-04 Atlanta Thrashers NHL 31 13 12 25 18

not too shabby. especially for a guy who came back from an ACL and MCL tear in just over 4 months. ACL is regularly 6 month minimum.

Not too sure why the article is only looking at a small part of his career post injury.

Heatley will out point Hossa this year.

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Are those stats also after he came back from the eye injury. According, to Peirre McGuire this morning he is not the same as he was post eye injury. And McGuire thinks Hossa is gonna score between 40-50 goals this year in the new league. But I still think Ottawa is a very good team, but not as good as they were with Hossa. This trade works well for both teams and atleast Ottawa got a good player for Hossa and are saving themselves some money.

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I'll also agree that if it does work out then we scored HUGE!!!80 points a year for 4.5 mill isn't too bad, definately considering the deal Hossa was going to get. and I usually always approve of what Muckler does. TM you are making it easier for me too change my mind...all youse guys...


I just don't want to have to say told you so!

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Are those stats also after he came back from the eye injury. According, to Peirre McGuire this morning he is not the same as he was post eye injury.

I think he left the swiss league after the eye injury. Any atlanta stats are before that one. I dont think hes played enough games since the broken orbital bone to give a fair assessment. 11 russian games and then the worlds.

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"According, to Peirre McGuire this morning he is not the same as he was post eye injury."

McGuire is almost always bang-on. He also said that Heatley has not been very impressive at the Olympic camp this year, but this change could help him. Apparently he has a long way to go in becoming close to the Heatley of old.

Then again, he thinks that Ottawa is in a much better position to win the Stanley Cup now because they will be able to keep their core intact, which they could not have done with Hossa remaining.

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