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So, are we gonna have a jambands.ca fantasy hockey league?


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Doug, feel free to set it up if you know how. Like I said before, I don't really understand teh difference between the styles, but I know I like the one where you just collect points for everything (shots, PIM, goals, assists) and then at the end there's a sort of playoff between all the players. Know what I mean?

oh, and with automated draft (where you pick your top preferences and then it gets done automatically) seems the best to me.

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Does everyone want to do a draft or pick a list of players. Doing an automated draft takes all the fun out of it. There is no skill just a lot of luck. Live drafts are great but I doubt we would be able to get the number of people we will have all together at the same time. If we do a list we can all pick the players we want so we do have input of how our team is created.

I can create a pool in officepools.com or yahoo

I use this site every year for playoff pools.

We can have a preselected number of players and positions.

ex. 10 Forwards 8 Defencemen 2 Goalies

We can then pick stat catagories. Goals, Assists etc.

Just throwing my 2 cents in. I'd be happy to start organizing it if people want

Of course we could run a couple of pools. One as a list and one as a draft.

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