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saw Loco Eddie out on the waves


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She was holding a sign that said 'Jesus Saves'

Carrying on about some crises

But Komo Komolodi looked away

She was married to the day

She being of the sturgeon clan

All they said, was free your head,

Light is holding you fast

Born of this summer it may be your last

You know I've known you, for centuries

Maybe your diamonds are from the mind

Maybe you are jealous and behind

Maybe your diamond lady eyes have robbed you blind

But your shyness, and your kindness, liberate your silence, hold you in

But don't forget, what Libra said

Life is pouring in through

Bound to this highway I ride, clear through

And tell a great tale like yours,

Motion of life on the ocean floor

Soon forget, and get ...

Alsoa, ALSOA, alsoa, alsoA, ALSOa

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