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Football pool - Keeper League advice


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I am in a work pool, and we are drafting via email over the next week or so. It began this morning.

So, I had the second pick over-all and took Peyton Manning. Ladainian Tomlinson went first (surprise surprise) over-all and no one else has been picked yet. I'm hoping you idiots will offer advice as this thing keeps rolling along, hopefully I can grab a couple of sleepers here and there. I will provide updates as players are selected.

Round 1

1 - Ladainian Tomlinson (RB)

2 - Peyton Manning (QB) - I went against my gut and didnt take a RB.......ugh

3 - S. Alexander (RB)

4 - Jamal Lewis (RB)

5 - Daunte Culpepper (QB)

6 - Edgerrin James (RB)

7 - W. McGahee (RB)

8 - P. Holmes (RB)

9 - C. Portis (RB)

10 - J. Jones (RB)

11 - D. Davis (RB)

12 - R. Johnson (RB)

Round 2

13 - D. McAllister (RB)

14 - C. Martin (RB)

15 - R. Moss (WR)

16 - K. Jones (RB)

17 - A. Green (RB)

18 - C. Dillon (RB)

19 - S. Jackson (RB)

20 - D. McNabb (QB)

21 - M. Vick (QB)

22 - T. Brady (QB)

23 - T. Owens (WR)

24 - R. Wayne (WR)

25 - B. Westbrook (RB)

26 - L. Jordan (RB)

27 - M. Harrison (WR)

28 - Tiki Barber (RB)

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No problem. Yes, Bettis would be a great late pick Booche. He won't help you much in future years but you want to try and win this year too. Here are some good young RB's you should keep in mind.

Kevin Jones RB Det

Julius Jones RB Dal

Steven Jackson RB StL

Ronnie Brown RB Mia

Carnell Williams RB TB

Cedric Benson RB Chi

Here are a few guys who might see a lot of time if the starters go down.

Antowain Smith RB NO

LaBrandon Toefield RB Jac

Mewelde Moore RB Min

A lot is said about Denver and their running backs. Everything I've read points to

Mike Anderson RB Den

starting. Thouhg BEll will eventually take over I'm sure.

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