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No, slap him with a live beaver, repeatedly, until the beaver is dead. Yes, it's cruel to the beaver, and probably not environmentally friendly, but if you chose a beaver that was near death anyway, this could be minimized.



besides which, unchecked beaver populations are a scourge on the environment...so long as you brought the beaver from somewhere where it was truly doing harm, you would be doing the environment a favor as well as the planet generally.

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i'm a spelling spaz.
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i hate Bono. seriously. U2 has been one of the worst bands out there for over a decade. no one cares about your political views you cockhole, they have their own. you're not a politician, you're an asshole with stupid sunglasses.

You're pretty surly today. Have you been hanging out with Booche?

Many political leaders and social activists care about what Bono says and seem to respect his opinions. His picture, rightly or wrongly, hangs at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, on the same wall as fellow Freedom Award Recipients Nelson Mandela, King Jr., Gandhi and the Dali Lama... and yes, Bono is wearing sunglasses in that picture too.

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