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Democracy and the Internet - CPAC


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early this morning (1am-4am) ran into an interesting program on CPAC rather boringly titled "Democracy and the Internet"... about social, technological, educational and financial potentialities of the internet and also internet privacy debates, etc... its actually a hell of a lot better than I make it sound, most of the speakers are pretty up on their subject matter

guess it was a filmed at a symposium put together by the Canadian Bar Association held in Vancouver this past August 15... it may sound pretty dry but I was actually stuck watching and fascinated through a lot of it for most of the time it was on... just mentioning it as cpac tends to replay shows regularly for a while so it'll probably be on fairly regularly for a while (likely in the wee hours)

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every now and again CPAC has something totally amazing on. most times though, it's the TV equivalent of steamed vegetables. you know that it's good for you, but holy boring...

it sort of amazes me that in an age of infotainment that they can't make CPAC marginally more entertaining...they have lots of really bright and inspiring people on there (in the last year, Bruce Cockburn, Maude Barlow, David Suzuki, and many others) but still manage to present these folks in a stupifyingly boring way. same thing with our local cable channel. they show our local council meetings, and have managed to do si in the most lo-fi, boring way possible...it's almost like they don't want people to watch and learn about what's really happening.

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