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The Cottage

snarfmaster C

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big news for this transplanted west-coaster

today is the first day of the rest of my life

(and in a greater sense than usual...)

you see, my friends, today is the day that i, west coast island girl, become even more deeply entrenched in the ontario way of life. after more than 4 years in this province, today, friday, august 25, 2005, is the day that i, mooose, for the very first time go to 'the cottage'.

yes, that's right. i am going to 'the cottage' for a couple of days. don't ask me where 'the cottage' is: like most ontarions i am using the term generally to describe a place of rustic retreat from the bustling ontario city life (besides that, i don't actually know where my 'the cottage' is...). i will go there, i will swim at 'the lake' and i will drink beers (probably from a 2-4) and if i weren't so stubborn i would eat meat off of the bbq.

i am pretty freakin excited.


have a great weekend everybody!!!

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give'r moooosey! dont tip the canoe, eh.

i think your misconception with 'the cottage' comes from living in the p-dot for so many years.

i'll let you in on a secret, peterborough is 'the cottage'.

that was one of my first ever periods after the quotation mark, and deserving of a new paragraph.

now, get back to 'the cottage' and abandon all use of grammar and punctuation.


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I've always been lucky enough to live in what most people refer to as cottage country. Bobcaygeon when I was a kid, Gilford in high school and Huntsville in later years.

When I go to Toronto it's super exciting for me. Almost like being at a fair..lol...

Have a wonderful time getting away from the everyday and I hope your first "cottage" expierance is a great one!!

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I was alway fortunate to have a family cottage. For many years we had one at Sauble Beach on Lake Huron, and I spent many years in Grand Bend.

Now I feel sooooooooooo lucky, cause my parents just a built a cottage in Tobermory (to bad it's so far from ottawa).

Glad you're getting your first "cottage" experience.

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So, how was it mooose?

oh it was so so good. a beautiful rustic house with loads of windows - decorated in the 70s (sweeeet ;)) on an incredible lake - mostly protected park, jsut a small side of the lake has a few cottages on it.

such a great time - we ended up staying a day longer than planned :)

beauty hammock, sweet deck with a great view. perfect weather.

i'm ready to move there. this city's got nothin on the cottage.

i don't think i entirely fit in with the cottager crowd -- wasn't going 30-40 over the speed limit, passing on double yellows etc. in a mad rush to relax - didn't take any motorised watercraft out - but otherwise, i think i understand the beauty of cottaging. i could definitely get into it.

there was way less nudity than i expected. :blush:

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