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Saturday in Ottawa: Real Gone Daddies w/ Wooly


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This show was notable for a couple of reasons. First, it was the best I'd ever seen from Real Gone Daddies. Stephen Cole was a lot more animated than I'd ever seen him, and it took the show up to another level. Musically, they floored me: I heard prog-rock influences, even some Phish. RGD also impress me with where they fit into the musical landscape: they have finely crafted songs, with a much more "mature" feel to them than a lot of younger bands. You hear a lot of jazzy stuff, and they have that ability to play a "wrong" note, but do stuff before it and after it that make it make sense. These guys are now probably my favourite local band (though Soul Jazz Orchestra comes close).

Also notable was the crowd...or the lack of it. The most people in the bar at any point last night was about 10...including the band...and the staff...This was a show I was glad I taped, not just because it was a good show, but because it'll give me the opportunity to cram it down the throats of those who should have been there but weren't. ;)

Seriously, folks, you missed a good one. What we saw on Canada Day doesn't even scratch the surface of what these guys can do.



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