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I saw this flickr post on boingboing.net and laughed my arse off at the wonderful vindictive qualities of the camera phones. Pervs are going to have to get used to being in front of the camera. I think they must love the sort of 'publicness' of their sick perversions, but I'll bet that being captured on film doesn't appeal to their dirty little perverted world.

It also made front page of the New York Daily News

I'm sure this 'dink' will get recognized by his workmates, family and possibly customers. I can't wait to see what happens out of this unmatched publicity.

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did a quick google search for the guy's restaurant "Quintessence"... found a listing on David Wolfe's Foremost Authority on Raw-Food Nutrition restaurants page... found the restuarant name 2 listings up mildly amusing, in light of the situation

In the Raw

65 Tinker Street

Woodstock, New York 12498


Upstate New York's first raw food deli in scenic Woodstock NY!

Jubbs Longevity LifeFood Store

508 East 12th Street (@ Avenue A)

New York, NY 10009




This is a lifefood café serving beverages, wraps, and sunfood-friendly products.


263 East 10th Street

New York City, NY 10009

(located between 1st Ave. and Avenue A)

646-654-1823, Fax: 646-654-1804

Contact: Tolentin

Quintessence is a 100% raw-organic restaurant servicing the needs of New York City's exploding organic raw-food movement.

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