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Happy Birthday, Kaidy Mae!


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Kaidy - you have been the freakin' nuclear-sun-exploding-nebula-star of my summer these past few months....man I'm gonna miss ya!

I hope you and "LRP" enjoyed the cottage this weekend with magical PB sandwiches and 'walking on water' tricks!

we're all so happy you wuz born, girl!! You're funny, beautiful, kind & generous....have a wonderful day.

[color:red]H[color:green]A[color:blue]P[color:purple]P[color:orange]Y [color:PURPLE]H[color:gray]A[color:brown]P[color:red]P[color:green]Y [color:blue]B[color:purple]I[color:orange]R[color:gray]T[color:brown]H[color:green]D[color:red]A[color:blue]Y[color:purple]![color:orange]![color:brown]!

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Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you have a super birthday - so glad to have had the pleasure of getting to know you over the last little while. Each and every moment spent in your presence has been an absolute blast!

Sorry I had to abort the mission on Friday night and couldn't celebrate an early b-day with you!!! I will make up for it soon enough! Have fun down East.

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