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well everyone, my bags are packed and i'm ready to ship out once again. i'm heading overseas to seoul, south korea to teach english for a year! i leave tomorrow and 20 hours later i'll be arriving in seoul. i arrive at 5:30pm korean time, and the next morning i work! even crazier, i have one day of training and then my 2nd day of work, i'll be up in front of a class teaching little kids on my own. (i have no clue how to teach!) c'est la vie. i'm signed up for the fall league of the korean ultimate frisbee league so i'll be keeping in ship shape. stay tuned for updates on the korean music scene!!! considering its one of the 10 biggest cities in the world, i have a feeling they don't get their fair share of touring artists, but i'll find it if its there. i know last year ugly duckling played a new years show at a club, and kid koala was supposed to play at one point (it was cancelled last minute). anyways, i'll still be connected and everything but not right away and ideally not as frequently. see you all when you see me!

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hey all! i've been here for just over 2 weeks now and things are going well.. the first few days were tough. i arrived on a thursday evening; then friday AM i was at my school working! i had one day of training. the morning after that i was on my own with the kids! pretty crazy. i'm getting the hang of it now. the classes are 40 minutes each. the idea is to keep them busy the whole time so that they don't start running around and yelling. my job set-up is pretty good.. not the best gig out there but definitely not the worst. i've got a cell phone for the first time in my life, which i find pretty strange. i held out as long as i could! its pretty essential here though cuz everyone is on the move. text messaging. my first night out (after being here for about 48 hours) i went out and boozed pretty hard. met up with my friends mitch.. beers, tequila and soju are NOT a good mix! i got home at 6:30am, puked, passed out, woke up again at 4:30pm and puked again. that was my first day off! (missed my first frisbee game too, boo urns). this weekend is chuseok, which is a national holiday weekend.. i was supposed to be going to this island called doekjoekdo but it is pouring rain here, so i'm still in seoul. might go there tomorrow though. it would be nice to get some fresh air! i'd describe the air here as a soupy mix of sewage, fish bones, old man and beef broth. but i'm getting used to it. my pad (single studio apartment) is tiny. its on the roof of a 5 floor building, so i have a rooftop patio all to myself! i gotta get some chairs and a table. the food is good, but i still need to learn how to order specific things. usually i've just been pointing to random things on the menu and it works out most the time. music wise, it looks like there are a bunch of bands here. haven't seen any yet. i'll be seeing buena vista social club pretty soon. last night i was at a bar and i requested helix "rock you", as i have been doing for years, but this time, for the first time EVER, they played it!!! he cranked it up too, which ruled. i was in canadian metal heaven. alright thats it for now.. thanks for the well wishes posted above!


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