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GTB in Peterborough last night


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Well, last night was a blast! Mid-afternoon yesterday I finally did manage to hook up a data projector from Trent, after much hassle. The movie was on!! I made up a bunch of hand flyers and tried to spread the word as much as I could within a few hours. Too bad the Sanctuary was down yesterday in that respect! Anyhoo, so the screening went down on a huge sheet up against the wall and we sorta converted the yellow room at my place into like a movie theatre with the couches.. My housemate has a nice receiver and huge speakers, so the sound was amazing!! When we started the movie there were only like 10 or so people but by the end, I turned around and was surprised to see that there were a good 20 or so hangin' out in the back! hehe. A Head's Tale is AWESOME!!! I was so impressed! Greg does an amazing job of depicting the tremendous positive energy to be found on our little scene. The movie really made me smile, realizing that we have something really good going on up here! It was heartening, funny, and technically well done as well. I bought it. You should too! (I got Revolve too, haven't watched it yet though).

Then we booked it down to the Trash. The show was upstairs in the Blue Room. It was a good showing of people considering it was a Tuesday night! Not packed but definitely not empty. I think the boys in the band felt they had an off night but I dunno, I thought they were awesome!! My 2nd GTB experience (the first time being at May CTMF and I don't remember it really --- waaasted). ANyways, the dance floor was going pretty strong the whole time and I remember at least 3 musical peaks in the jams. By the end I was downright juiced and it all got pretty sloppy! GTB didn't end up coming back to our place to jam but The So So's had their stuff set up here so we had a late night jam ourselves. Think I got to bed at 5am.. Then had to get up at 8am to return the damn projector to the school!! I was a walking zombie, still super drunk and reaking, hehe.

The possibility of a Nero after-party late night jam tomorrow night (THursday) is there if people are up for it. I know I am. Whattaya think GM? Also, you guys can crash at my place if you're looking for a place to stay.

I think I'm gonna make it to GTB/JSB in Toronto this Friday too!

Sorry for the length of this post eh, I just felt like writing. [smile]

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