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I got a new job!


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So after some... setbacks in my 'career' I had to go back to working a job I haven't done in ages- cooking in a pub of all places. This place sucked really hard, all of the other cooks were major geeks who only talked about this online game World of Warcraft which they ALL played and literally talked about all the time, on Sundays they got together and actually played full fledged table top Dungeons and Dragons with the kitcken manager as Dungeon Master, plus it was super high volume, a major cluster fuck space wise and you guessed it minimum wage to boot. It was seriously soul destroying work.

Anyways I didn't just get one new job I got two. One is still cooking at another way better pub, better people, much better money and way more lax with more space and less stress. The other job is the one I'm really psyched about though which is serving (way way better money) at Guelph's only Jazz club Manhattan's. So basically I'll be working a full time job and a part time job, not sure how long I'll be able to keep it up without burning out but at least I'll be able to move into a better place, do some nice stuff for myself and others and moreover not feel like my soul is being destroyed. So I guess good things do occasionally happen to good people.

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As great as this all is, dont burn yourself out.

Once you are getting tired from the two jobs, drop one. Performance is the key...........

Edit to add,

Good things do happen to good people. Always.

Are you kidding me?

Bad things happen to good people all the time, every day.

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Don't worry, working 2 jobs is not as bad as you might think as long as you can maintain some semblence of routine. :)

Are you kidding me? You must be in the 25 and under bracket... I lasted about a month in the "soul-destrying" 2 job category; mind you that was two full-time jobs.

Never mind... I guess my current Bay Street gig for one of the biggest banks in the world is what truly puts me in the soul-destroying category :(

You deserve the good Zero; congrats!

Try not to miss your old friends too much:


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