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when to pull a song


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I can see individual stations exercising their discretion when events like this occur. They would be fools not to. Can you imagine how many complaints would come flying in if that song was played under present circumstances? Hell, Jeff Brown lost his job in Ottawa (CHEZ 106.1) for trying to get Stompin' Tom added to the Live 8 bill. But with that infamous Hip song off the air, stations may be forced to dig deeper into their catalogue to fill the required Canadian content percentage. :P

However, censorship is still censorship. If the stations want to restrict themselves for the public's (and their own) best interests, so be it. To have songs actually banned during events like this still scares me. I would hope that we are able to act with compassion and respect without it having to be forced upon us.

After 9/11 this got blown WAY out of proportion south of the border. I couldn't believe some of the songs that were banned.

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This story on canoe made me wonder if a song should be pulled from the radio because the lyrics come too close to a current event. If they do decide to not play it, what is the point then of publicizing it?

my interpretation: "we're a great radio station, compassionate really, because we're NOT going to play the Tragically Hip song"

Gotta wonder though, did the radio stations put out a press release patting themselves on the back for pulling the song, or were the radio stations responding to a question from the reporter who wrote the story?

If I were the programmer, I wouldn't play the song.


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Guest Low Roller

Other inappropriate song titles that come to mind:

- Rock You Like A Hurricane

- Wind Beneath my Wings

- Pick Me Up

- My House (in the Middle of the Street)

And the "Raise the Roof" hand jesturing would probably also be politically incorrect.

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me fail english? That's unpossible.
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what about a song like "bombs over baghdad"?

how is

"new orleans is sinking man, and i dont wanna swim"?

any worse then

"bombs over baghdad, bombs over baghdad"??

what is it..

is it the fact that new orleans is in north america and baghdad isnt..

i am sorry that people have lost their lives and homes in this thing, but i mean are they gonna ban the song "Landslide" cus people in LA have had mudslides?..

but to pull a certain song cus it actually happened is absurd..


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