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Canadian beer cheaper in U.S.

Large Marge

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Letter to the Editor in today's Star:

Canadian beer cheaper in U.S. - Free trade


The recent press being afforded the softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the U.S.— indeed, the whole concept of free trade in general — was brought into focus on a personal level last week, on the occasion of a brief trip to Rochester, N.Y.

I bought a 12-pack case of a popular Canadian-brand, made-in-Canada beer at a K-mart outlet there for the amazingly low price of $7.25 (compare that to the $21-plus for the equivalent here at The Beer Store). Imagine that, a box of beer purchased in a foreign country for less than one-third of what it would cost to buy here. It seems to me that not only do U.S.-based beer manufacturers have an axe to grind with Canada's trade policy but Canadian beer drinkers, as well.


Edward P. Swynar,

Newcastle, Ont.

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sin tax isn't just theived from us on the buying end. I was looking at buildings to lease for the last company I worked for, and one building was formerly a manufacturing plant for alcohol and the land taxes on that biznatch were 8 times what we would normally pay as a storage company. and it was going to be the HUGEST pain in the ass to get the taxes brought down.

fuckin government

24 of blue, canadian or bud in cans at duty free = 19.99 canadian

24 of carling black label (the cheapest cans) at the beer store = 39.95

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Not to mention tobacco up there! How much is a pack of cigs going for? Last time I was there I seem to remember ~8 bucks or something? I could be way off... I know that I began rolling my own lately, and I'm currently spending ~$10 US a week, compared to the $30-40US a week it would be if I bought them at the store. But even at that price they're STILL cheaper than in Canada.

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