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Pilar out 2-3 months


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How many defensemen do the Leafs have under contract??


A Czech web site says Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Karel Pilar has suffered a recurrence of a heart condition that forced him to miss the final half of the 2002-03 NHL season and the first 16 games in 2003-04.

According to a report in The Globe and Mail, Pilar, 28, is expected to miss the first two to three months this season.

Pilar was reportedly working out this month in Prague when he experienced dizziness and did not feel well.

The Globe added that Czech doctors could not pinpoint the problem, so the Leafs flew him to Montreal to have him examined by a heart specialist.

The specialist concluded that Pilar has suffered another bout of viral myopathy, a condition that sees a virus in the heart stiffen the muscle to the point it does not pump enough blood to the body.

Pilar, a restricted free agent, is looking to recuperate in time for a December return.

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Guest Low Roller

"They flew him to Montreal to have him examined by a specialist."

Does anybody expect this Montreal doctor to say anything other than "Yep. You're fucked. Better take some time off while I watch my Habs sail to victory."?

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