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Funny Wakefest Prep Story


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So, the local historic society in Wakefield has dropped $50,000 into a concrete foundation for an old beat-to-shit house their moving from across the river to the lot next to us. Who knows how much it cost to actually transport the house, then they have to restore it, then put their display in...

I don't know what they're thinking but it seems they have too much $$$ on their hands.

Anyhow, on to the funny story.

So, yesterday they were moving the house. They had to fill in ditches and drive the thing through the adjoining farm and up next to our house to avoid power lines.

You can imagine that this whole spectacle drew a bit of a crowd... Curious children, intrigued neighbours (us), and proud historic society members.

Kayte was outside chatting up all the locals hyping Wakefest and letting them know all about it. Well, here's where somebody's sense of proper conduct was affronted...

Kayte: "Hey, we're throwing a wonderful party on September 10 - we're trying to support the Chelsea QUAIL House. Perhaps you've heard of it or are interested?"

Elder Wakefielder: "How DARE you organize a party without consulting the local events calendar! The Grannies (more on them in a moment) have already booked the covered bridge for their fundraiser and you'll clearly have to reschedule your event."

Other Elder Wakefielder: "I'm the cub-scout leader and I'll be doing parking on September 10. I will personally see to it that all of your friends are ticketed and towed from Wakefield Heights Road."

Kayte (somewhat taken aback): "Oh, we had no idea. Well, I don't really think that our parties will interfere. But, when it comes down to it - this is our home and we can do whatever we want on our property."

And, so on...

It appears that the Grannies, some years back, petitioned to the municipality to have our street zoned as no-parking. This same group is now applying to have our street re-zoned as parking - but just for September 10.

A very good souce from high within the political machine of Wakefield has assured us that these people are a complete pain in the ass, recognized as such by everyone that matters, and without any power whatsoever over the parking on our street.

The head-grannie called (along with about a half-dozen grannie friends). She has asked us to make sure the stage is pointed away from the covered bridge and a bunch of other crap. Some of which is easy enough for us to oblige them on.

The best line, though.

Grannie to Kayte: "Can you not reschedule your event?".

Kayte to Grannie, "Can you reschedule yours?". Grannie to Kayte, "No."

Kayte to Grannie, "I thought not. So, you understand our position."

Anyhow, it looks like we've ruffled a few feathers with this event. Fortunately, the people who matter in Wakefield seem to be on side with us.

The whole thing is really comical...

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we were at the Table last night for Kyla's bday dinner and Pablo's Lara said to me, "These girls are talking about Wakefest". I poked them and asked if that was so. Sure enough they were talking about it. 2 of them were from wakefield and the other one had received an email from a friend that was likely a friend of Tomfoolery's.

It sounds like the word it out. Good news!

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Is there a designated emcee for Wakefest? If so, I suggest having someone sneak out during one of the bands (or during the sound check) to the covered bridge, to see if the sound carries that far...and if it does, make sure the emcee (between bands) says something nice about the brdige fundraiser, and how it's so cool to have two fundraising events in the same community.



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If Velvet (in fine form) is to be emcee, we'll need a video crew to document what is sure to become known as "The Battle Of Wakefield".

Has anybody found this "events calendar" the Granny spoke of? A Google search for 'wakefield quebec events' didn't turn up much that I found informative. (If the timing works, maybe we could offer to send over a small acoustic band to entertain people and have a passed hat for donations to be given to their cause.)



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I have a bass-synth pedal that if I crank it enough could shake the Grannies on their bridge.

Positive vibrations in granny nether regions could avert confrontation.

On the other hand you could have horny Grannies on your hands (pun completely accidental but pleasingly perverse.) :blush:

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