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Teen Dead In Aruba: Day 95


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Seriously at what point, say after a month and a half, is a missing teen a dead teen. I've been watching more CNN as of late what with Newsworld being out of commish because of the lockout- god if it isn't pathetic though. It's Katrina coverage day and night and then they let these hacks like Nancy Grace have their own shows and stretch out this family's torment for the fodder that it is. It just goes to prove the adage that cable news is directed at a grade 7 or 9 level education depending on who you listen to. With all of the 24 hour news services it's amazing that any of us have to watch the Daily Show to get our news fix. The feeding of the media beast is a dangerous proposition.

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I couldn't agree with you more. The only reason this is being stretched out more than Mr. Armstrong is because she is the perfect candidate for a missing person's case. She's blond, smart, good looking, a cheerleader and it happened in a foreign place that's shrouded in mystery. It's just the perfect story for idiots like Nancy Grace to tackle. She's dead... let the media circus of a family grieve.

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