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Bad gas


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There you have it, I thought I'd seen it all when our local gas station flipped over to 101.2 per litre. I know that yesterday there were prices over 120 in toronto and vancouver, but it hit Ottawa today.

Ottawa gas prices

Our local gas station is at about 124/litre

IT's basically going to cost people twice the price it did this time last year to go to labour day weekend festivals like moe.down and CTMF.

Poor poor Huxy. Tealy is going to be pretty pricey to get to Waterford ;)

I wonder if it's cheaper to rent a hybrid ?

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our friends in BC actually did the conversion bouche, from an old VW deisel to run on veggie oil, smells like a french fry all the way downt he highway, but, and this is what makes me want to do it, they drove from BC to PEI and back, they spent about 400 dollars on oil.

anyone else wanna say holy fack? i sure did.

VW is now offering to switch any of their cars over to deisel engines, im sure theres some catches, but its worth it.

my boss drives a smart car, drove to ottawa and back to hamilton for less then 20 dollars., says it costs him about 5 bucks a week in deisel to go to, from work every day, and do the running around town that is inevitable every week.

holy fucking gas eh. 125.5 today here in hammer

and as a closer, the end is totally closer than we all think, considering america reached peak oil in 1970, and half of the oil producing nations in the world have already hit peak oil, were going to see ppl shooting each other for gas sooner then later.

by that time, me and my woman hope to be living far away from cities, growing our own food, on our land, you guys are invited if you want to start up somnethimng, were rocking the 5 yr plan now, im sure some of youse guyse are more furthur along in your plans but thats ours.

fucking stupid cars and their fucking gas.

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our friends in BC

Our friends in Victoria have the right idea... they're now fighting for a four lane cycling highway! Sorry about the format:

By Miro Cernetig

The Vancouver Sun

VICTORIA (CP) - In this sleepy capital, where driving hazards usually

consist of slow-moving horse-drawn carriages and the occasional

geriatric driver, road rage is as rare as snow.

But things are suddenly getting big-city tense - at least on the

Galloping Goose bicycle trail.

"There haven't been fisticuffs, that I know of, yet," says John Luton,

the head of the Capital Bike and Walk Society. "But there's the

equivalent of road rage out there on the trail."

What's fuelling this mini-crisis in Canada's bucolic biking capital is

some of the highest gas prices in the country. With as many as 5,000

people a day cramming onto the three-metre wide, 60-kilometre path,

there's now a bicycle rush hour.

"Check your dog!" shouted Luton, encountering a women the other day

who let her retractable leash extend across the path he was whirring

down on his way to work.

"Check your bike!" she fired back, giving no ground.

It isn't exactly life on the bike paths of Beijing, the world's biking

capital. But the Galloping Goose, so named for a rail car that once

trundled along this train route years ago, is now seeing daily run-ins

between pensioners on electric scooters, horseback riders, dog

walkers, inline skaters and serious commuters, described by cyclist

Gord Ayer as "Riding like Lance Armstrong on crack."

Nobody expected such conflicts when the trail was quietly created 18

years ago. But Canadians everywhere can expect to see more of such

confrontations, cycling advocates predict, if the price of gasoline

continues to climb.

While building bike paths isn't nearly as in vogue with cash-strapped

governments as it was in the 1970s, predictions are the number of

Canadians using trails will climb across Canada.

"You can figure that every 30-per-cent increase in the cost of

something translates into a 10-per-cent change in behaviour,"

estimates Larry Roberts, a planner with he regional district.

"So there will probably be more people on the bike paths."

That has sparked a hot debate in Victoria. Is it time to spend some

money on the Galloping Goose, the protect the city's status as the

country's most bike-friendly locale? At the moment, about six per cent

of Victoria's commuters go to work on two wheels. That's about three

times the rate of Vancouver and Toronto.

"Does Victoria bill itself as the cycling capital of Canada?" Vic

Lindal challenged in a letter to the local newspaper, demanding that

the trail be widened.

"Yes . . . four lanes are a must."

Todd Litman, an economist who heads the Transport Policy Institute,

says rush hour on the Galloping Goose is a good sign - it shows

well-planned bike lanes can convince large numbers of people to leave

the automobile behind.

So far, Victoria's planners aren't biting. But they must warns Luton,

who foresees a nightmare for pensioners putting along Victoria's

favourite bike lane on their scooters.

"Wait until these electric bikes and Segways (human transporters)

start showing up on the trail," he warns.

"They're fast and they're all going to be crashing into each other. It

won't be pretty."

(Vancouver Sun)

19:36ET 27-08-05

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I spent a bunch of time online yesterday looking for a green energy investment fund to drop some money into. can't seem to find any in Canada. I found one in the US that earned 40% interest last year!!! If you're looking to invest, put your money behind a green economy. We're going to have to head that way anyhow.

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