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Kaidy Mae

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Oh Tim, it has been so wonderful to get to know you this summer. Your wit and humour have kept me chuckling for days! I'm glad to know such a kind and gentle soul.

Cheers buddy! Here's to more cottage giggles, peanut butter sandwiches, campfires, jams and future drives to Ottawa.

Now when are we going to get together for some SimpsUno? ;)

:cool: [color:red]H[color:orange]A [color:red]P[color:orange]P [color:red]Y [color:orange]B [color:red]I[color:orange]R [color:red]T[color:orange]H [color:red]D[color:orange]A [color:red]Y[color:orange]! [color:red]![color:orange]! :cool:

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Happiest of birthdays to one of the oldest, closest, most true-to-the-core friends anyone could ever wish for. You've kept me in and out of trouble for decades (! - ok, now we're sounding old), and I expect to see more of the same for many decades more.

All the best to you today, Tim; you and Jennifer see to it that you look sort of like this by the end of it -


- or the rest of us will have to see what we can do this weekend to bring that about ;). Well, okay, I guess we'll be doing that anyway.

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