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Trey speaks (Katrina)


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When I woke up this morning and saw what has become of New Orleans. I don't really have words to describe the sadness. My first thought, of course, was concern for the families of all of my friends...Tony Hall's wife and children, The Superfly family, the Dumpstaphunk guys and their families, Cyril, the Dirty Dozen guys, Sunpie, Ivan and everyone from the SuperJam…Nicholas Payton-who I met in NY when he played on my CD…Russell Baptiste and all of his family, the Nevilles, and all the good people I met at Jazzfest. I could just go on and on and on…and this led to my second thought - there probably isn't a musician alive who isn't thinking the same thing right now....because every musician has musical connections to New Orleans; because it's not just the birthplace of American music, but over the years it's maintained its place as The Source of American music. You want to learn how to groove? Go to New Orleans. I saw Bootsy at Tips once…it was the slowest, loudest music I've ever experienced...or Rebirth at The Maple Leaf in the Eighties....once I was at a party at my friend Rob's house and Doc Cheatam showed up. This is New Orleans...the center of American music. We used to talk in Phish about "the Hose"...well New Orleans is where it was plugged In. New Orleans is in trouble, so music itself is in trouble...anything we can all do now to help is crucial...if you love music, please do whatever you can.

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