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Democrats win 2008 Presidential election


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I don't trust the voting machines... made by one the Republicans biggest campaign contributors!!! If the Dems win, it'll be Hillary C kickin some ass. Sadly, I'm very pessimistic when it comes to American "democracy" and don't honestly feel that the voters have the control. If the dems win, I think it'll need to be a landslide victory. If it's close, the GOP will make it so they win. I was privy to the county by county exit poll results in both Florida and Ohio on the night of the last election. Miracuously by the next day, the counties that had electronic voting machines had vastly different results than the exit poles had indicated there would be. In one county, the exit poll had stated that there was 79% support for the democrats. Oddly enough, by the time Bush was declared winner, those "actual" numbers included 79% support for the Repulicans, not the Democrats. There were a number of counties where the exit poll results seemed to be inverted by the time the actual results were posted. The changes only affected counties with democrat support.

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For the record, whenever I am polled upon leaving my voting location, I always lie... Mainly because I dislike how the media use polls to predict what will happen. So it's my little monkey wrench thrown in the works... I'm sure I'm not alone...

Not that I disagree that there is some 'creative counting' going on... That being said, both sides are just as guilty as the other, IMHO... And also, it's NOT a straight democracy. It's a representative democracy. We elect people, who cast votes (supposedly) in line with their constituency. Those votes are counted... Several time, I think the elected president did NOT win the popular vote... It's kind of fucked-up, but that's the way it is... So, NO, technically the voters do NOT have the control,. the electoral college does.

And, for the record, if Hilary Clinton is the Dem candidate in '08, then the Dems are in a LOT of trouble... Regardless of how bad public sentiment is against republicans... I just don't see it happening... At least not in '08... Although, I would like to see what happens if she's given another (an ACTUAL) shot at national healthcare...

And I'm SURE that this debacle will cost the Reps some seats in congress, but I don't think H.C. can win the presidency...

my .02


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I'd like to believe...

But strong bases and personality cults make every election close.

Elitist democrats and one-issue religious voters (freaks).

I'm a pragmatic socialist but I believe in both the existence of and the fallibility of both of these groups.

The only way this will stop is if a respected person with no (political) ambition stands up and speaks the truth.

Holding my breath,


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So, NO, technically the voters do NOT have the control,. the electoral college does.

I hate the electoral college system (at least based on my understanding of how it works). As far as Hillary Clinton goes, she indicated in 04 that she would likely run in 08. I'm not saying that she'll win the candidacy but I think she has an awefully good chance. I don't really have any opinion on how I feel she'd perform as a president because I just don't know enough about her. What I do know, leads me to believe that she'd do a pretty decent job. John Kerry wasn't the best candidate last time... too bad Howard Dean didn't make it, maybe things would have turned out different.

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Hell yeah, I probably would've even VOTED for Dean... I think the whole sound bite that took him down was ludicrous. And look what the Dems got as a result...

As far as H.C. goes, I could easily see her winning the nomination. However, the way I see it that would pretty much lose the Dems the presidency.

The electoral college system does seem strange, and especially so when they elect a president contrary to the popular vote (which does happen, but not REAL often). I have come to accept it, since I don't see the Constitution being ammended anytime soon... Our government's been set up on the the notion of representation from the get-go... Besides, barely 60% of people showed up to vote last time anyhow, so even if we did go by the popular vote, we STILL wouldn't get an actual "majority" vote...

Fuck it, you guys got room for one more?!? ;)

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Fact: we'd have President Gore right now if egomaniac Nader hadn't run in 2000.

might've got 4 years anyways... though somehow I think the Bush camp would've found a way to railroad thier way to power no matter what... they were pumped

Nader's been actively workin for positive change all his life, he deserves somewhat of an ego, and to run for office in a democratic country if he wants to... I like his politics, though he's far too left radical for the general CNN/Fox educated masses

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I have no faith that corruption down there will fade to a point where the rightful person takes away the position of President.

The whole scene is in a bad way and the media rarely reports the truth.

I am not sure they'd be ready for a female president with a national health care agenda. [color:purple]WAYYY Radical.

I'd like to hang Chad wherever he is right now.

They should start pushing for a pencil and paper vote now if the democrats will stand a chance in '08.


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