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Happy Birthday Stn. Mtn!!!!


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Aaaaaaaaaawwwwww shucks. :blush:

Thanks so much.

Hux: Thanks for the thread, man. Meeting you this year also made my life just a little bit nicer, overall.

Paisley: Thanks muchly! You are someone I can always count on to make me click a link and shake my head in disbelief (at least once a week).

Can o Phish: Thanks bro! The mountain air actually seemed all the sweeter after I returned here from the city last night. You really appreciate the beauty of this place, when you come home to it on your birthday.

Boochawan: One of my many musical friends. (I finally did check out that band of yours. It turns out you don't suck at all!) Thanks for the wishes brother.

SugarMegs: Thanks for the wishes. I really hope to be meeting you in person the next time I see that Hux guy; hopefully sooner than later!

TheSloth!!! A man of few words online ... and his very presence in my birthday thread is a great honour. Man, there are no friends like old friends, and it is great to receive your wishes on my birthday. Truly.

Jaimoe: Thanks for the wishes. I am glad we've started trading the odd PM, as of late, and I see a number of bluesy trades in our future, my friend. (In fact I just found something this weekend I MUST send you.)

Dr. J: A man who can appreciate a good John Prine review and a friendly intelligent addition to the board. What more could I ask for? Thanks for the words.

Booche: You will be proud of me. Yesterday, I was hungover like a BC Premier after a night in Hawaii all day! Ceasars it was for Slammin' Jack and Stephen Franke on Friday night. I was a trooper, downing doubles, and I had the angelic cherubic face of Booche in my mind throughout the night (or was that Grover from Sesame Street? ... whichever ...) cheering me on to down just one more beverage whenever I would slow down or falter. Thanks for being there.

Guigsy: Somehow, I think you were out there drinking and partying for my birthday; whether you knew it or not. Thanks bro!

Ms. Huxtable: A sweetheart if I ever met one (er ... well met online?). You brighten up my day with your posts, and the DoY disc you sent me has my new favourite song by those guys. (It was also a real bonus for a friend of mine married to a woman named "Maureen".) Thanks for the birthday wishes you nutty Ottawa freak.

Hamilton: Somehow, I think you and I would be fast friends if we met in person. Thanks for the birthday wishes man, and thanks for articulating what are often my own thoughts online. Kindred spirits, bro.

Headymamamyrna: Thank you for the birthday wishes. Alas, I must admit, I really am a lawyer. (At least that solves the problem of people hating me because I'm beautiful ... they have plenty of reasons to hate me just for the job I do ...) Although I thank you for the birthday wishes, it is only fair to warn you that you will one day be receiving a bill for all of those billable hours I have wasted as a result of your youngest son's website. I hold you severally liable for bringing Bouche into this world, and you will be hearing from my collection people. ;)

AD: My snowboarding bro! Get yerass out to Whistler already! Thanks man.

rubberdinghy: Thanks man. I have always wanted to tell you, by the way, that "dinghy" has always been my favourite word in the English language. (A word that about 4% of the population can spell.) I appreciate your wishes, brother. "He drinks and he cusses, he stinks up the..." (I kid because I love. ;) )

Howler: Do I need to say anything? I am thrilled to find you in my birthday thread. If you don't get that little Ottawa bum of yours out west soon, I'm gonna have to come down there...!

Esau: Man. I can't say enough good things about you, my friend, and I thank you for the offer of a birthday show. I will take you up on it, and peruse the list. You are a truly solid guy, my friend, and when I picture myself hangin' out being surly with my kindred spirit friend, Hamilton, I picture Esau right there with us. Thanks for the wishes, brother, and expect my birthday-show-request soon! (No worries about the Cockburn. It's already been like 8 years since the show. How much of a hurry can I really be in to digitize the tapes? I know they're in good hands. :) ) One day we must meet.

headygouda: My surreally geographically close neighbour, who I just met. You're gonna be sick of seeing StoneMtn soon enough my friend. I come to town about twice a year, and you can count on being harrassed every time. You have been warned...

And I just want to say that I really appreciate this thread. I was pretty sure I wouldn't be getting a birthday thread, because I figured you were all out damaging your brains at CTMF. This was a real surprise, and a special treat for my birthday. (I also realize that a good number of you are still at CTMF, and I won't be offended if you wanna post something in this thread a day or two late; or if you just miss this thread entirely. Either way, I know you all boogied down for me this weekend; and that's all that matters.)



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