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Unconfirmed moe setlists from moedown


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(DaveO, you had better love me forever for my missing of this one you jerkwad)


I: Jazz Wank > Rebubula > Cornflake Girl > Recreational Chemistry, Wind It Up, Salt Creek, Stairway to Heaven/All Along the Watchtower*, Faker > Moth > The Pit > Brent Black > Moth

E: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

* with Keller Williams


I: Spine of a Dog > Buster, Timmy Tucker > Kids

II: New York City > Head > Timmy Tucker (ending), Happy Hour Hero > Big Frog band switch > Rise > Karma Police > Head

III: Not Coming Down > Wormwood > St. Augustine > 32 Things* > Kyle, Akimbo

E: Time > Sensory Deprivation Bank

* with Dread Clampett


I: Y.O.Y. > Down Boy, McBain, Four* > Dr. Graffenburg > Terrapin Station

II: The Ghost of Ralph's Mom, She Sends Me, Tailspin > CalifornIA > Bullet > Big World

E: Tijuana Donkey Show, Meat#

* with Terrapin Station teases

# with fireworks

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