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Andy Milonakis!!!!


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has anyone seen the "Andy Milonakis" Show on MTV yet?

Holy shit(!), I just saw 2 episodes back to back and it was THE craziest, most hilarious, ridiculous, nonsensical, absurd shit I've seen in ages!!! The premise is simple: Andy Milonakis, a fat kid in his late 20s but looks 14, puts together a bunch of sketches (on a shoe string budget) shot in NYC. Imagine Pee Wee Herman, Tom Green, and Chunk (from the Goonies) all rolled into one!

TRUST!! For more info:


click on the video link and download "Spoons" for a sweet taste!!

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You guys are confusing The Man Show Boy(The Man Show) and Andy Milonakis(Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Superbowl is gay).

Ok,for some reason I always get those two mixed up.

Aaron Hamil was on "The Man Show".

Andy Milonakis was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live",he's 29 (if ya can believe that).

He is also -- and here comes the stunning part -- 29 years old. No joke. Milonakis is a former tech support staffer at a Manhattan accounting firm, and for a time he took improv classes in Manhattan in hopes of breaking into showbiz. His youthful appearance is neither an act nor a miracle of makeup. It's the result of a "growth hormone problem," as he told the New York Observer a couple years ago, when "Super Bowl" went national. It is a problem he is reluctant to discuss. He does comedy, after all, and there's nothing amusing about a medical condition.


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