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Come Together Labour Day thoughts...


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niffermouse and i got home last night from a fabulous slightly shortened visit to Izzy's. The music saturday night was spot on...we got there in time to catch the 2nd half of Professor Louie's set, and could tell right away that these guys are part of The Band Family. What a wonderful solid groove they laid down...and yet again, missed the chance to see Vanderpark and What the Thunder said, but from all reports they both played very solid sets.

Mark Wilson was a huge treat, the sound was just right and wow! what a band! mr somethng something did their pied piper run through the campground and showed at the stage with a huge crowd in tow. holy syncopation! another set of stellar music. by the time truths & rights got in gear, the crowd was huge & primed to dance, and got the groove they needed...

it was awesome to spend time with all the mice, and to meet more fine folks from this board...got to talk to the good rev and cookycanooky at the next campsite, and met velvet and phorbesie in front of the stage, and others that will spring to mind as my head clears :)

the scullies split with us late sunday afternoon, bound for their new home base in Osgoode. it was great to party with them one last time before they became official ottawa folk...

what a blast!!!

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Just rolled in... hehe... and my goodness did I have a good time! :) It was so much fun meeting all the good folks at the festival, and dancing the nights away with the fantastic tunes. Sleeping was fantastic, and the days at the beach have left me exausted, and I can't wait for the next one...

I've got lots of pictures and vids... If I find any good ones, up they'll go!



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I would like to thank Scott, Wayne, and Pete the technicians who ran that PA at the main stage. Man, you should have seen it from that perspective. A well oiled, multi tasking machine. Scott Taylor handled all the bands on the stage, Wayne was out front at the board, he and Scott own all that sound equipment between them. Pete was a great help to me at the side stage repairing a monitor. He didn't have to, but he spent a couple of hours on it and I am grateful. Plus he sensed the perfect moments for a cannon break.

The talent at the side stage always amazed me. People looked so unassuming to me and then they picked up their instruments and I was just blown away. I have to confess, Janine Stoll nearly made me cry. She's so beautiful.

And thanks everybody for being so cool. I felt it would be all positive to bring my son for his first Cometogether festival experience to see dad work, and he loved it. All three days- just loved it. Everyone was so nice to him, I am grateful to all of you who stopped and talked to him, or were conscious of him casually wondering.

Okay, these were some of my thoughts at 3 am after playing a gig on drums. We rocked. I'm beat.

Next :cool:

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Met Mr Slippery and Del and Deb.

Caught up with MarcO again.

Played one of our best sets on Saturday afternoon and then the 15 or so of our friends and relatives that came out to support us danced the night away. Playing tunes and camping with your friends = :) .

Mr Something Something and their interactive afro-fest were fun once again. The Masses were solid. Jomomma was great too. Great bands to dance to. High Plains Drifter was a nice way to start off a foggy (mind-wise) Sunday of music.

Truths and Rights and Burt did a great job of shutting Saturday and Sunday down.

Awesome time. Still smiling.

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A note sent to the band (what the thunder said) from our friend Iain.


Y'all made me dance more than I ever thought I could, and made Saturday the highlight of my summer.

Thanks to everyone who danced, made music and made my summer, you mean the world to me and show me why I am.

The funniest thing happened on Sunday though. When I got home I noticed that one of my blue sandals had changed colour! It turns out I was wearing one blue sandal and one brown sandal.

Incredible I know, but I guess at 6am when we left there wasn't enough sun to tell the difference. Anyways to the fellow owner of a continuing joke I've been telling everyone that I own the first ever pair of "Friendship Sandals".

As cool as that sounds we can still trade back.

And to Mike, aka El Bhago, I would love it if you could bring me that nasty ditty of a t-shirt so I can shamelessly plug your band to all the highschool students across Canada, I know my mother would appreciate it.

In peace,


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tons of fun.

deeps, your band is phenomenal. cant wait for Sept 16th @ Gypsy.

i still really really need sleep. worked early today, so not many zzzz's last night, but tonight (eventually) im gonna catch up a bit.

bokonon and deeps, nice to meetcha both and put faces to names.

too bad bout the dieseldog set. the cities > power failure jam was cool, with some great drumming, but the cities was so good that i really did want the power back. oh well, cant have everything, at least it was back for SF&NFTT. too bad i missed most of that passed out , but the bits i caught sounded real nice.

other highlights, since im bored and dont really want to be typing anymore, included....

-someone playing "Heart Of The Sunrise" by Yes (Might have been Themasses, but it got kinda blurry in a few(most) places.)

-Friends of Hefner > Rock Plaza Central > Jomomma.

great run of bands, real solid energy throughout, and the overlap created sort of a seamless set idea between the two stages.

-a fabulous campsite full of wonderful people (hell, an entire festival of wonderful people, but you know what i mean).

only negatives...

-the lack of Bethmykitehigh and Kaidy Mae. we missed you both boatloads.

-the savage end that befell the pineapple.

I Love You, Come Together, see you in May.

Now, time to sober up, methinks.


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yessss! fantastic weekend!

sorry we didnt get to chill more timouse, As i recal you caught me just as I woke up and soon after I was on my way into town.

Could not have asked for a better weekend.

indeed, adam, nice to meet if onlt briefly...and thank you, my battered synapses are re-creating the faces of more fine folks that i crossed paths with...many snuffelupagus moments with marcO (he was just here! did you see him??) seven seas jim & willy at one point, saw backbackon from afar several times but never made it to conversational orbit :) and mr slippery, always good to cross paths if only briefly...and ricky, bokonon, and many many others.

what a weekend indeed! can't wait 'till next may :)

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What a wikked time. I showed up just as Vanderpark were finishing up their high energy set.. caught some great bands! Big Props to Truths and Rights, Caution Jam, Mr. S&S, What The Thunder Said, Vanderpark, THEMASSES, Burt Neilson Band, Chameleon Project, Friends of Hefner, Jomomma and a most deadly set I've heard by Mark Wilson and the Way it is.

here are some pictures

MarkJay.jpg Here's Mark Wilson and I

HighPLainsCTMF.jpg Here I am playing with my band High Plains Drifter.. Thanks for the support y'all!!

ctmfbaby.jpg Love to see the kiddies jammin'

jroc.jpg Tony Rage, JROC and I

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Thanks all for the great time deffently a time to rember like the rest of this crazy summer of music the drum circles on sunday night deffently made the weekend for me.I just wish after meeting so many great people that i could rember anyones names atleast theres always next year.Thanx alot to all the bands and team giver!!!!

crazy hippys :)

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:) what a fun time... it was SO good to see everyone... and dance around like a maniac... lol I'm sure my jingle coins scattered everwhere must have tricked a few people into thinking they'd found the jackpot :) Thanks for all the good dancin, good conversations, and good times :) cant wait till we can do it all over again!!!

*hugz* Andrea

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Great time!! Jomomma, Truth and Rights, Burt and the ubiquitous Caution Jam all marked highlights for this picture perfect weekend. Special thanks to Deeps and the crew from Guelph for welcoming me around your fire and making me feel like one of the gang. Great meeting Jay from Jomomma during the Burt set on Sunday...and hope to see ya in London. All in all Come Together was good to its name and because of that I am having a real hard time wiping this perma smile off my face..thanks :P

Lucid Musings Photo

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here's some more photos. i had a great time, and met a whole bunch of new folks. cant wait for the next one.

mr.slippery, i apologize again for the brutal appendectomy gone wrong on your pineapple. im just glad the news of its slaughter brought tears to your eyes, and laughter to your heart... what a distressing moment it was for me, wondering how to break the news. [color:purple]i still blame deb.

as far as music, the first two nights did it for me. friday's diesel dog > power failure > stephen franke was fantastic... (good to meet John and Mary during power failure. don't know if you're on here, but that was fun chilling with complete strangers in complete darkness, sharing bowls. word.) no matter how hard i try to talk about the music, it ends up about the people. weird. saturday rocked too, with a solid ending by truths and rights. boogie boogie

cheers to all!






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