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moe.down 6 = GOOD TIMES!


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Wow. I just finished empting my gear from the journey. I had SUCH a great time, and was very happy that I was able to camp with such a great crew. Camp Canada was in high gear for the entire weekend, and the stories (and unfortunately videos and pictures) will certainly be told/shown for days, weeks, possibly years.

I don't have enough energy to elaborate right now, but once the shows go up I suggest you grab Keller and moe. from Friday night. Yowzers!

Thanks to everyone for filling my weekend with smiles. There are too many names to mention.

On Saturday moe announced that snow.down will take place this March in Lake Placid at the Olympic hockey rink - see y'all there!

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Indeed. It was good to hook up with you, Basher, and jaybone and Erin. From selling our extra tickets (for face) at the US Customs office at the 1000 Islands Bridge crossing :), to finally nailing down the way to pack up my tent, the whole weekend was a solid package of fun. I saw more moe. this .down than I have in the past, and it was the best moe. I've seen live. The side stages acts were also lots of fun, especially Dread Clampitt (who did everything from Django Reinhardt to Waylon Jennings to Pink Floyd, and had Chuck play with them a lot) and Addison Groove Project. It was noticably bigger this year (8000 people, maybe?), but still functioned as smoothly as before.



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Oh Basher!! You certainly provided many different means of entertainment.

Highlights for me: moe.!moe.!moe.! Dread Clampitt, Violent Femmes, & tea leaf green. Oh ya, and moe's light show was awesome this year.

How about that tree (stage right)?

It was sooo great to see some folks we haven't seen in awhile, and the regular folks who couldn't make it were greatly missed!!

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What I found really cool about the firewors wasn't so much the way they looked (which was amazing, however: the little corkscrewing ones, and the "swarm" of those little ones that danced around in a kind of cloud of random motion, blew me away), but the way they sounded: they had groups of shells times to be drum beat patterns. I hope at least some of the mics picked it up. :)



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I had a great time all weekend and it was fun hanging with all the great friends from all over. Rossolee and his crew were incredibly hospitable and damn fun. Kegs of tasty brew all weekend= doin' moe.down in style.

Moe. was real tight all weekend and as usual had me rocking out and laughing my ass off in between. Tea Leaf Green were my favourite new (to me) band and MMW were wicked.

Basher, you never did pay me that $20 you owed me from our little bet.

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I didn't make the lobster bisque, but I did certainly enjoy it. It was the last meal cooked up. We enjoyed some great food this weekend(shrimp scampi with garlic linguini,spiede chicken with italian pasta salad,breakfast burritos,pulled pork sandwiches,ribs...were but a few of the meals/snacks that our group cooked up over the course of the weekend. A great crew totally over the top! :)

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This was the best and biggest moe.down so far. We had a huge crew the music was awesome and so was the weather!

Musical highlights were definetly moe. Jazz Wank>Reboob>Cornflake>Rec Chem, Moth>Pit>BB>Moth were both out of control.

Saturday the Happy Hour Hero> Rise> Karma Police> Head was great, a lot of people thought the Big Frog band switch in took all the window energy out of the set, but I thought it was etheral and amazing as well as done well. I was transfixed on the lead singer/tamborine player the whole time. the 32 Things with the members of Dread Clampitt was a fucking hoe.down that had the crwod going crazy. Encore was excellent one of my favortie Pink Floyd songs "Time" combined with one of my favorite moe. songs "Sensory Deprevation Bank".

Day 3 was all about the Californ IA> Bullet> Big World madness and the Dr. Graffenberg> Terrapin Station> Rebubula Encore: Tijuana Donkey Show, Meat which was one of the musical highlightsa of my life. moe. nailed Terrapin, Al's voice weasn't the best but wasn't bad, musically it was dead on they even through in a moe.ed up take on it right at the end. Tijuana Donkey Show is the most beautiful song about Donkey sex I've ever heard and a raging Meat during the fireworks was a great idea the paid off huge.

Keller getting an etra extra long set due to Theresa Anderson cancelling, thank you Theresa for making up for my short Keller show in Ottawa.



/02/05 moe.down 6 Turin, NY

I: Art tease@>


Freeker By The Speaker>

Play This#> Moondance>

Art Loop,

Travel By Balloon

Brown Eyed Women

Up in My Cadillac>

Instrumental> Tubeular%>



Running on Fumes>

Black Peter>

Thin Mint>

Above the Thunder,

You Are What You Eat>

Wind Cries Mary^>

Slo Mo Balloon^>




Run like an Antelope>

Runaway Jim>

Run Like An Antelope

Encore. moe. loup

@-w/ Rob from moe. posing as Keller

#- requests

%-w/ Thermin

^- on Zilla


Tea Leaf was great as was Big Frog and Addison. Violent Femmes were perfect, definetly a band I've loved forever and never thought I'd see live, moe.down's great for that. Breakfast rocked, those guys are going to be huge.

Only have a few dissapointments

1. The Lesbian Petting Zoo, contained neither lesbians nor petting of any kind

2. The all night band playing in the RV section was awful, but what can you expect from an open stage the goes all night

3. Missing Raq and Dread Clampitt

4. For ever leaving the N20 hotel

Thanks to all of Camp Canada, Camp Toronto, especially Basher for providing us with entertainment on Sunday, Team Ohio, best neighbors ever, Stacey - Canada's biggest fan, Chad and Sara, Party of eight and the rest of the hotel, delivery service guy, Fred Weseley, BILL BRASKEY, the bands the staff and security and especially moe. You crazy bastards throw the best party of the year! See ya next year.

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Bearsong Gary, the super old hippie dude that got the band to play Bearsong the previous year. Sober and skinny Hodge should have won, but once again Rob forgot to include his name in final contention. It was a tight race; a couple clowns, a disco golfcart, Frank Zappa, a paiting of a bear, that "thing", 30 Funnel Steve and of course Beer Man who, it appears, has time has passed.

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i kept crackin up as i layed on the hill checkin out the shows...when people would run down the hill...all i would hear is the russel of the grass as they would fly by me...i kept joking they were hobbits running away from us all...

ever time i would see someone running..i was yellin hobbit sighting..haha

my mind was in another world though :P

what a weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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