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The Spades return home...

Dr. J

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Peterborough: White House,Thurs. Sept.8, 10:00 pm. w/Rising Sons

Note: Rising Sons = Spades + Travis Good (Sadies) = r'n'r that rattles the bones.

Ottawa: Pour House, Fri. Sept.9 & Sat. Sept.10, 10:00 pm.

Note: Crowded weekend of great music in O-town but here's INFO for anyone interested.

Hamilton: Pepper Jack Cafe, Fri. Sept.16, 10:00 pm. w/ Diesel Dog

Note: Always a great time in Steeltown and should be especially so with D.D.on board.

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Holy virgin mother of rock 'n' roll, what a great time in O-Town.

Super nice to chat with Mooose, Phorbesie, Velvet, bradm, Jakis. Sorry to those I missed. Heard everyone had a great day at Wakefest. Ya couldn't have asked for better weather and I heard it was really well done. Congrats to the organizers. It's a huge task....and I understand for a good cause!

Musically, the great thing about seeing the Spades at back to back shows is that what you don't get the first night, you usually get the second. Restless Soul, Hydroplaning and Misery Loves Company which were missing the first night were, for me, absolute stand-outs the second. On Saturday they also intro'd sweet versions of Everybody Knows This is Nowhere and Eleanor Rigby. To hear the crowd join the boys on I Like To Burn Things to bring the proceedings to a close Sat. nite was a powerful moment indeed!

I suspect there are few young rock bands that could play back to back 3 hour shows and change the setlist up like these guys can. Now if I can only find a way to get to the Pepper Jack Cafe...

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BK, probably not (altho i'm not sure about this week). The band is headed back into the studio and will be doing far fewer live shows. Whatever happens in the patch will likely not involve the White House. The band has made no secret of the fact that they've not been happy with the venue...it's atmosphere, its sound system and its friggin' bouncers...expect an announcement shortly.

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