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Late night scare! (goodvibes needed)


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At about 3am last night (early this mourn) My brother woke me up and told me that are mother was here to take him to the hospital. ( :confused: :shocked: :mad: )

Its almost 10 now and i cant get a hold of any of my family... Ill keep trying to get a hold of them. (It makes me feel sick to my stomach)

Prayers and good vibes needed!!!!!

Peace and love


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Do you know which hospital? Give them a call, or go there. If you're family, you should be able to find out what's going on.

Count me in for good vibes. And try to stay cool: this is one of those situations where you can't do anything until you know what's going on (and worrying won't help or change the sitaution), and when you do find out, you'll have to be clear-headed.



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HAH!!! my folks blame it on pot. It obviously has nothing to do with the dog hair all over the couch that he was sleeping on last night (hes alergic to dogs/dust and has pretty bad asthma).

But no I T W A S T H E P O T that he had smoked earlier that evenin' that lead up to this scary ordeal.

My folks are cute and my brothers ok.

I feel much better.

Ps Maybe he should lay of the smoke for awhile it probally dosent help any...

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LOL - It all starts with one small stick of the "stuff"..beware the friendly stranger.

I was over at John's on friday night,hoped to see ya there.We got good & drunk though....

Thats what Matt & I figured man,Cyrus was up on the couch when I was there & sticking close to John the whole time.Not sure how your bro does it with his allergies & whatnot.

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well shit aint that a fucker, im glad lunch is OK though, i deal with the asthma + allergies too now that i moved back home, ma's got 2 dogs, and 2 cats, and its a carpeted house, so its fucking crazy in there, i sneeze alot. on a side note, i was researching what helps asthma a while ago, and pot is actually supposed to help it, being that it relaxes the throat mustcles so you cough less, just the smoking of it irritates, as any smoke would... tell yer ma to stick that in her pipe steve LOL

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